The Store in the canadian Labrador City High North. Translated: the high North. But high no one can be that want to shop here. Because in the first two weeks after the legalization of marijuana in the country, the highly sought-after commodity in this business was just for four hours. Then all of the cannabis were sold out of the products and there was no replenishment. “The producers always say that the rough spots are to be expected on the way, but what we are experiencing is not a Holprigkeit. There is a large pothole,” says Store co-owner Trevor Tobin.

The cultivation and sale of marijuana – often called Pot, is since the 17th century. October legalized in Canada. Since then, full-year criminal must have freely small quantities of Cannabis for private use and consume. This makes the country the world’s largest legal national market for the drug. But so far, there is in reality hardly anything. For one, shops are still not sufficient, in operation, on the other hand, there is a lack in many places of goods. It’s not about the fact that Canada could not produce enough cannabis products. But producers who want to deliver private and state-owned traders must receive the approval of the authority – an extremely slow process. Only 78 of the 132 marijuana producers who have been approved by the competent Ministry of health, Health Canada currently have a sale license.

“, there are Some obstacles unnecessarily, it’s pretty arduous,”

FSD Pharma, for example, a producer in the province of Ontario, is allowed to grow for a year, but has not been given any approval to provide retailers with Goods. “There is a lot of bureaucracy,” complains the senior executives of the company, Raza Bokhari. “Some barriers are unnecessary, it’s pretty difficult.” In addition, many of the establishments that have received a sales license, are rather small, how Cam Batley of Aurora Cannabis, one of the large canadian producers, says.

That the national postal service, Canada Post is on strike, exacerbated the situation: after all, he delivers most of the on the Internet ordered Goods. The sales themselves are controlled by the individual provinces and for the most part regulated. And practically everywhere it does not look good with the Pot-replenishment. The state-operated stores in Quebec will from now on, every week for three days – from Monday to Wednesday – closed: until you can permanently offer enough Goods. The company Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries is expected that the bottlenecks in the replenishment could take both in conventional stores and in the online trade of up to six months.

Ontario, Canada’s most populous province, is the earliest to open in April, the first business: The new conservative government is currently in regulations. Meanwhile, the police has closed at least eleven illegal sales points in the province. Residents in Ontario who want to buy Pot legally, assail, charge the government-operated online. In the first week alone at least 150,000 orders have been received here, more than in all other provinces. The Store can’t keep up with the demand. The third most populous in the province of British Columbia, from the historically, a large part of the illegal marijuana was, so far, the only Pot retail store.

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And so cannabis to apply for lovers in Canada the illicit market. Restaurant Manager Corey Stone from Montréal and his friend were the first in a long queue, as the Quebec government-operated cannabis download on 17. October opened. But that was it then because of the supply problems for him: The 32-Year-old the drug obtains now illegal.

In Ottawa, the majority of the illegal sale closed on the 16th. October, legal operation approve the request. Ontario Capital Buds is one of the few that are still left. And the business is flourishing. The waiting room is usually full, and as recently on a cold gray day, as Blake Murchison to shop came. The 62-Year-old has tried it in the first place at the state online store. “Why? We have a postal strike!”, says the 62-Year-old. “I have no patience. It is really a matter of convenience. Or Discomfort.” Devyn Stackhouse opted for the legal way, ordered on the 17. October on the government’s website, five pre-rolled Joints and a gram of four different varieties of cannabis. But after more than a week with him arrived, he turned to an illegal point of sale.

Health Canada now has hired 300 additional staff to the processing of licence applications from producers. According to spokesman Thierry Bélair, the government has streamlined the approval process, and the production is increasing. The supply problems have also been on Canada’s financial markets. Shares of cannabis companies have suffered after a short-term fast-paced High after the legalization of strong, of Aurora, for example, has since their maximum half of their value lost and now about.

But Manager Batley is optimistic that after everything settle. The great demand is generally a good thing, and customers would get what they wanted, were satisfied. “A lot of people have bought (earlier) indefinable marijuana in a bag, and who knows where it was grown,” he says. “Once you have made the acquaintance of professionally-grown Cannabis, and more valuable products, such as Vorgerolltem and capsules, you will be happy as hell.”