Mark Zuckerberg told how the world will change by 2030

the Head of Facebook, mark Zuckerberg outlined his vision on how to develop a society in the next decade. In his forecast for 2030, the entrepreneur has affected several years of topics, including virtual reality technology, business and the future of social networks.

the Manifesto Zuckerberg starts with the idea that in the 20’s brightly manifest itself, Millennials — people born between 1980 and 1999. According to him, representatives of “generation Y” will lead the institutions that currently do nothing in matters of concern to young people. In the United States to those he took climate change, the rapid growth of prices for education, housing and health care.

There are solutions to these problems will need major structural changes in society, says CEO Facebook. Financial aid “to young entrepreneurs, scientists and leaders to carry out these changes” will have a Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, a charitable Foundation Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla.

By 2030, the global social networks, linking people from all over the world, is a small community with a small circle of friends and family members. Users of private social platforms, wrote the billionaire, it will be easier to find yourself and experience the “sense of proximity”.

Another trend, predicted Zuckerberg — the opening of the small business capabilities of large companies, and without the involvement of the decentralized platform Facebook Libra. To do this, Facebook in the next 10 years will offer tools that will allow small enterprises to access customers as easily as it is doing today, large companies (i.e. buy advertising in Instagram, get paid using Facebook and advise users on WhatsApp).

the Main technological platform of the 20’s will become virtual and augmented reality. The ability to work from anywhere, using VR glasses, I’m sure Zuckerberg will lead to socio-demographic changes, in particular to the outflow of people from the cities.

Text: News.Hi-tech