Marriage swindler with his mother escaped from disappointed brides in Israel

Release of “Live” is dedicated to a pair of speculators – Jeanne and Gregory Palamarchuk. Earlier, several women said that victims of fraud who are able to gain the trust and deceive people.

because Of their actions, someone lost their apartments, some large sums of money. Know about this couple was after they told Regina Kamaletdinova from St. Petersburg.

Gregory had promised to marry her, the woman became pregnant, and “groom” disappeared, leaving her without an apartment and five million rubles.

Sheltered Regina another former deceived “bride” Palamarchuk Marina Yurchenko.

Two months ago, Regina gave birth to a boy. She told me that she was trying to get in touch with Gregory and asked to return money, but in response received only insults and humiliation.

Marina Yurchenko, for his part, said that the victims of scams wrote a collective statement to the Prosecutor. However, she said, “things were scattered in different parts of the city” — the place of residence of the victims, and she was met with a refusal.

Meanwhile, it became known that Zhanna Palamarchuk several passports in different names. She — Eva Miller, it — Jeanne Rozman. The woman was already convicted, but the victims still have not received my money back and left without shelter.

Themselves Palamarchuk, as it turned out, went to Israel. The program reported a resident of the town of bat Yam. According to her, it is at this resort now home to the scammers.

Reporter from the “Live” Roman Monks went to Israel and found Palamarchuk near tel Aviv.

they said its their victims? Are you going to return the money to them?

is it True that Jeanne and Gregory are citizens of Israel? Which means they live there, are you going to return to Russia, and who else but a deceived women, who dreamed about a wedding, Palamarchuk, have become victims of this couple?

About this in the “Andreth Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1”.