Mary Poppins went missing in Mexico the second day looking for Natalya Andreychenko

the Mexican Police began a search of the honored artist of the RSFSR Natalya Andreichenko. 63-year-old actress, best known for the title role of the film “Mary Poppins, goodbye!”, which lived in the popular resort of Cancun, already the second day does not communicate. The phone is not available from the evening of 25 January. The alarm sounded PR Director actress Jan Trunev. As he says, Natalya Andreychenko visited the mansion with a friend and went there by car. After that disappeared, reports channel “Russia 24”.

“the last time she really felt bad. And she reported this to her friend. Said that she had weakness, fatigue, she wants to sleep and go home. To go to her car, she was driving an hour, says Jan Trunev. That is, this can not be she got lost or something. There is a direct road absolutely.”

the Actress Mogul feel very sick due to overworking: she recently prepared three new projects.

Natalya Andreychenko last few years living in Mexico, in a private three-storey residence. In some media appeared information that the actress recently abused alcohol. But the Director denies it.

he Also said that Natalia Andreichenko was not an accident as previously reported. To search for the famous actress has joined her family. They hope that this is just a misunderstanding and Natalia there.

Yang Trunci said that he had received a text message with the information that some unidentified woman driving a blue Nissan at full speed crashed into a truck. A woman with serious injuries was hospitalized, he added, but that’s not the Natalia Andreichenko. In addition, the woman had an accident the evening of January 24, and Natalia Andreichenko has stopped communicating the day of 25 January.

Natalya Andreychenko, a native of Moscow. She graduated from VGIK in the workshop of Sergei Bondarchuk and Irina Skobtseva. In the film actress made her debut in the second course in 1975. She played in the films “From dusk to dawn” and “lullaby for men”. Finest hour Andreichenko has come when the screens went “Sibiriada” Andrey Konchalovsky. This film was not only popular in the Soviet Union, the film received a prize at the Cannes festival. Then almost simultaneously came the films of Peter Todorovsky “Military field novel” Leonid Kvinikhidze “Mary Poppins, goodbye!”.

In November 2019 Natalia Andreichenko was the guest of the program “Hello, Andrew!” on TV channel “Russia 1”.