Mask in the heat and vote in the courts: Andrew Vorobyov on protection measures and return to normal life

the government of Moscow region removed most of the restrictions imposed from the coronavirus. 9 Jun resumes summer cafés and verandas, from 15 June in Moscow will open the museums, shops and clinics will switch to normal operation. Shopping malls, however, will remain closed, it is the recommendation of the CPS. For the suppression of plague in the region, which took the biggest after Moscow the load the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov said in an interview to “Russia 24”.

– the Latest figures for healthy and sick – what are they? Is it possible to say that the epidemic has gone on recession?

the Last two and a half weeks we see every day, minus the reduction in hospitalizations, that is, discharged more than hospitalized. I regularly speak about it, report that in this part we have seen very positive, happy. It is important to make it last as long as possible, so all of the beds were empty, so we repurposed them and had returned to normal rhythm, a normal life. But in any case, until testing shows that 700-750 people a day to detect. But testing is growing every week. It comes to 20 thousand a day plus ELISA tests, plus the rapid tests. Therefore, the identification there is, thank God, most of the disease takes in the form of light. But those who are older than 65 years — the most vulnerable category. Of the dead in our region, 75 percent 65 plus. So for the older generation special regime of security. I came now from Voskresensk, I see that many who are over 60, go even through the streets in masks and gloves. This is very important.

– What are the restrictive measures still remain, including a mask mode?

– we can’t access yet shopping centers. That worries us, and we in the good sense of fighting with the chief sanitary doctor because everyone is doing their job. Chief sanitary doctor why does not open? Because he fears spreadtion of coronavirus. So we are moving step by step. This Friday we will open summer terraces for restaurants and cafes. It is already possible to relax on the street. And, accordingly, the service will be opened. For us it is important from the point of view of economy, small and medium businesses. And shopping malls will open later. The gross regional product of Moscow region, 25 percent of trade. And, of course, to start it is vital, but only to go to this. Monday open & museums and go to the normal operation of outpatient clinics, elective surgery return from the 15-th. In order to run them, too, because a lot of work needed. Need to clean, disinfect, you need to check doctors need to work in outpatient clinics and sent to a particular hospitalization of the patient. Return to normal life. This is good.

– of Course, Kovenya hospital returned to civilian life when and where you plan to convert in the first place?

We act on such a geographical basis. Everywhere – North, South, West, East covenyi beds subject to routing was rationally as convenient as possible. And, on the other hand, there are preparing beds for the provision of General medical services. Therefore, this work is carried out in each district. Some remain covenyi bed, but carefully somewhere 1000-1300 per week beds we translate is already in normal operation.

– That temporary hospitals?

– They are still there, serve as a transit hospital, and there up to 300 people, as a rule, light or at most moderate severity. There severe patients are almost there, and if there is, then immediately hospitalized for full service hospital. And yet in June we leave them. Then we remove the “Patriot”, after the “Patriot” already “Crocus”. “Crocus” we have a capacity of 2,000-2,500 beds with oxygen, with a ventilator, equipped with everything necessary. So while the Crocus reserve, he Decn, he’s close.

– Returning to the economy, it was dealt a serious blow. What measures of support of small and medium-sized businesses, large manufacturers and ordinary citizens are you taking?

– a serious Blow, we felt.Big money was aimed at COVID, protective suits, beds, oxygen equipment, payments to those who could not work and those who saved lives. And we have 40 thousand doctors, nurses, drivers, support staff received bonuses, so of course he’s serious. I think a 40-50 billion will cost us struggle with COVID in the complex and the same amount we underpaid taxes. Therefore, it is very important to choose the most rational way to invest more in infrastructure. Interchanges, roads, and gardens, and schools, and children’s polyclinics, and implement the necessary national projects. All of this for us is crucial. Nothing I want to cut. Want to see improvement and went on his way, and kindergartens, and potholes. In General, all that is important in our lives, I want to do. Especially now in the active construction season. But the man believes, and coronavirus knocked us slightly out of the way. But that’s okay, we’ll come back to this.

– an Important event in the life of the country – a vote on the amendments to the Constitution. As the suburbs preparing for this?

From the 25th of June to begin to vote. Understand that we cannot allow any excessive risks, so mostly this week we contemplate the vote in the courts. This work is already underway. In different territories with the superintendent, with the active people we are discussing, like how much easier to come in person and vote. So let’s do it in the most comfortable mode. Those who are at home, we will come to him. And whoever wants to come to the polling station, can easily do 1 Jul. All security measures is now the norm, new standards, etc.even the costumes of the members of the electoral Commission, but I don’t think they will need, because max will vote on the street, to distance, to avoid any risk of infection. We very much hope that the vast majority of the region’s residents will find the time comes to vote for the guarantees in the basic law, for all the things that it fixed. Is social security integrity and family values, and stability, which for us is critical at this difficult time.

– In this weather the rest of it is impossible not to ask. When residents of suburbs will be able to travel to other regions on the black sea coast and that will be in the Moscow region made for relaxation?

– While we see so many people resting in the suburbs. Now especially will not go anywhere, everywhere on quarantine you get. You interested in 14 days to sit in quarantine? The weather here is wonderful, everything is blooming, birds are singing, we are trying in every town to prepare a place for walks to enjoy family, comfortable, safe. And see today that people like it very much. Therefore, our goal is to provide maximum comfort here in our very own suburbs.

Well, the masks in this weather is impossible to relax. When we finally take off?

that’s a contradiction. On the one hand, in the mask have to go, and in this heat, especially if talking is a different story altogether, but what other option? Another option is not to contact with strangers. But someone can not do this due to the fact that he was going to work or on the bus, so wearing a mask is necessary, otherwise the trouble, especially those who are older than 60 years. And 50 years is not insured, but those older than 60, are the most vulnerable group of the population, and we need to take care of them.

– Well, we live in a new reality.

– We already live in it.