Masks mandatory for any out-of-home: Moscow changes the mode of self-isolation

Phased withdrawal in the Russian capital restrictions in connection with the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19. 1 June in Moscow must earn non-food stores, dry cleaner, repair shops and other services that do not require prolonged contact between people. But most of all Muscovites are looking forward to walking.

waited for, perhaps, the Muscovites. Car dealers, clothing stores, shoes, home appliances, building materials and sports equipment, as well as dry cleaning, laundries and repair shops from June 1 reopening.

“This is a cool news for us, for our employees who are already spoiling for a fight, which welcomes information about resume Director of sports store Artem Zelenov for our customers who would like to come to the store.”

next week open 500 points of non-food trade. To work going back a further 300 thousand people.

“We understand that one of non-store performance depends on the whole chain of industrial enterprises and dozens, if not hundreds, of people involved in them,” explains Deputy mayor of Moscow in the Moscow government on economic policy and property and land relations Vladimir Yefimov.

the Economy of the metropolis enliven in stages. Social distancing, total disinfection and testing of all employees — the new realities. The same waiting and non-food shops.

“We have seen what requirements are being implemented for food retailers, in terms of staff requirements and provide the necessary means for the disinfection and treatment of the trading floor,” says the Chairman of the Presidium of ACCORD Sergei Belyakov.

Over the past two weeks the number of hospitalized with coronavirus COVID-19 declined by 40 percent. Therefore, the health doctors talk about a neat easing of quarantine measures.

“We see the slowing growth rate and the total number of diseases that we can move on to the output stage to the opening of the objects, as stated in the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor”, — says the head of the Federal service for supervision of consumer rights protection and human welfare in Moscow, the chief sanitary doctor of Moscow Elena Andreeva.

on 27 may, the mayor announced that June 1 will be allowed to walk in the fresh air. While the graphics and lists. Meanwhile, a system of digital badges continues to work.

“may 27 digital pass in the Moscow region cease to operate. For travel by metro and ICC will issue a pass to the website” — warn residents in the mayoralty of the Russian capital.

From today to enter the capital only on Moscow pass, Moscow — no longer in effect.

“you have an Invalid pass!” – gorosave driver at the entrance to Moscow traffic police officers.

Until June 14 extended mode isolation, permits and other restrictive measures. Transport is still glove-mask mode. But if the subway it keep almost all in suburban trains — only half of it.

“no gloves, No masks, no badge, nothing at all. You need a police pass to drawing up the administrative Protocol”, — work police checks on the transport.

Wearing masks in Moscow will certainly in any way out of the house.