Home Breaking Mass vaccination against coronavirus in the fall will not

Mass vaccination against coronavirus in the fall will not

Mass vaccination against coronavirus in the fall will not

In Russia will start clinical trials of a vaccine against coronavirus, it will test on 50 volunteers from various departments of the Ministry of defence.

the officers and warrant Officers, 45 men and 5 women, including 10 health workers. Volunteers to test the first vaccine against a coronavirus were selected carefully and only among the contractors. In tests made of the most physically strong and healthy. June 3, the soldiers arrived at the suburban 48th research Institute of the Ministry of defence. In the first phase trials of the drug should check its safety for the human body. Before this vaccine was successfully tested on monkeys and hamsters, all animals were identified the immune response to the serum. These tests took two months.

“in General, for vaccine development takes years. Here the task is to move very quickly. And different research institutions have their own backlogs. And here, on the basis of these foundations, people began to solve these problems in different ways. Someone touched has been well developed with human adenoviruses. Other better groundwork with the influenza virus, a measles virus. As a result, various institutions have started this work on different platforms”, — said Anatoly Altstein, virologist, doctor of medical Sciences.

Institute of the Ministry of defence has been developing the vaccine together with the National research centre of epidemiology and Microbiology named Gamalei. The drug was created based on adenoviral vector. Task — to deliver into the cell the viral genes and thus force the body to resist the invasion.

“Vaccines are different. But no vaccine on the basis of the coronavirus is not done. These vaccines are based on influenza virus, measles, adenoviruses, and they have their own specificity. Adenovirus vaccine is quite well developed, a number of vaccines have already been developed and tested on the basis of the adenoviral vector. In particular, the vaccine against Ebola,” — said Anatoliy altstein.

in addition to Moscow, the development of vaccines against coronavirus is fairly successful in Saint-Petersburg and Novosibirsk. Other drugs are now undergoing preclinical trials.

“Why multiple vaccines? They need a lot. In order to vaccinate the population of our country, we need tens of millions of doses of vaccine. To make them in one place here so, in the short term, it will be impossible. Therefore, most likely, will use different vaccines,” — said Anatoly Altstein.

Russia is getting closer to getting a vaccine. However, to rely on conducting a mass vaccination campaign this fall is not necessary. Almost all experts agree that the real safe and effective domestic vaccine may not appear until 2021.

Text: Meteotest