May nobody expected: Russian regions watered by rain and sprinkles of snow

Deputy of the state Duma Vladimir Zhirinovsky offered to turn on the heating in the regions of European Russia, which covered the anomalous cold. Keep the heat, according to the leader of the liberal democratic party, will need for several days. Forecasters, in turn, note: the temperature in the European part of the country now corresponds to the beginning of April instead of the second half of may.

To the beginning of the calendar summer, stayed 10 days, and in the Central regions of the country there is snow. Well if precipitation was recorded early in the morning when the temperature drops to a minimum, but the white flakes knocked from the sky even in the middle of the day, stated in the the Center weather PHOBOS. Falls Asleep The Vladimir Region, Near Moscow. Precipitation in the solid phase were seen and the inhabitants of Moscow.

by the Way, the Moscow region became one of regions where we had again to let the heat in the house and welfare. The night temperature at local weather stations dropped to 0 degrees.

Even more sweeps North and North-West of the country. Here in the morning in some places even formed snow cover, and the spring I was a already green with leaves and grass, which can be difficult to discern under the snow.

in some Places precipitation in the solid phase is still going on. The traffic police urge drivers to be extremely careful on the roads. Few expected this from the current may, and many motorists have long replaced the rubber on the summer.

the European part of Russia here already more than a week left at the mercy of large and powerful cyclone. Now his center is traced at an altitude of 10-12 kilometers, and near the ground it began to disintegrate into several independent centers. From all sides clamped anticyclones, this vortex gradually loses strength but continues to spoil the weather, on the Russian plain, pumping into the region of the Arctic air.

Cold flow covered almost the entire European part of Russia, except in the South. But the cold wave continues to make its way inland, so that very soon the cold Doberis and to the South. Here already got a cold front, in many regions of the precipitation, and soon they will grow. The reason is the huge temperature contrasts between coming from North of the Arctic air masses and ruled here for a long time the summer heat.

on may 22, the strongest rains are expected in the Kuban, in Stavropol and the Caucasus. The intensity is more than 10 millimeters per day. However, we should note that due to the topography and nature of the development of weather processes sometimes the rains can be more severe.

In Krasnodar, has already started to deteriorate, and by 18:00 in the city played out a real storm. Rise wind gusts up to 17 meters per second, it will rain, which will increase by Friday morning, may 23. In total, over the next 24 hours in the city will result in up to 15-20 mm of precipitation, and about one third of the monthly norm. As for temperature, it drops from plus 24 to 15 degrees.

However, in a series of bad weather news there is a place for good news. Very soon this lingering cold will stop. The fact that the Northern thrust, which existed on the Russian plain for more than a week, will gradually weaken. For example, in Moscow on 22 and 23 may be expected all the same plus 9-10 degrees, but Sunday, may 24, the air flow is turned to the West, opening the way for the Atlantic. And Tuesday will warm up to 20 degrees.

In General, to this heat remains may survive another cold weekend.