Media: the Ministry of defence there was a serious personnel rotation

the Ministry of defence there was a serious personnel rotation. Officers already accept the case and proceed to the execution of duties

the head of the military police, Lieutenant General Vladimir Ivanovsky was appointed head of the innovative Technopolis “Era”, the newspaper “Izvestia”.

the task of the “Era” — to make a breakthrough in the field of innovative technologies (for example, it is developing weapons based on new physical principles; an interesting development of new unmanned aerial vehicles).

Service Vladimir Ivanovskiy in the military police — short episode in his biography. A large part of his career the General graduated from the Military Academy of the General staff, is associated with higher educational institutions of the defense Ministry. And in 2015 he was involved in the creation of the first scientific squadron of logistics on the basis of the Military Academy.

the Navy will have a new chief of staff and Deputy commander. These places should take Alexander Vitko, known for the “Syrian Express” (supply of group of Russian troops in Syria) and the commandment of the black sea fleet in 2014, Vice-Admiral Vladimir Kasatonov.

Alexander Vitko 58 years old, he graduated from the higher naval school named. Nakhimov in Sevastopol. His service began in 1984 as assistant commander of the missile boats. In 2018, resigning from the post of commander of the black sea fleet, he was appointed Deputy commander of the Navy.

Vladimir Kasatonov he started with a commander of the group of control missile battalion armed complexes “Granite”. Over the years, the Admiral commanded the heavy nuclear missile cruiser “Peter the Great”, the 43rd division of missile ships and the Kola flotilla of diverse forces SF, and was Deputy commander of the Pacific fleet.