The President of the German Medical Association, Klaus Reinhardt, is skeptical about far-reaching measures to protect against the corona virus in autumn. The health system is far from being overburdened, Reinhardt told radio station NDR Info on Friday. He thinks the situation is manageable. “Of course, the situation will get a bit tense in the autumn, but whether this will actually be a bad autumn, I’m making a small question mark at this point.”

He demanded that people should show themselves to be more responsible when dealing with the virus: “We have to learn to accept that a bit and to deal with it pragmatically and within the scope of the possibilities that we have.”

Of course, it is unclear whether there will be new variants of the virus or other omicron variants by then. The virus is currently encountering a largely vaccinated or recovered population. Test rules in nursing homes and hospitals continue to make sense from Reinhardt’s point of view, as do masks on buses and trains. He currently considers lockdowns and school closures to be inappropriate, said the President of the Medical Association.

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