Acting Minister of culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky said that he watched the movie “Slave” with his son. “Not without meaning”, he said. But the son of Medina decided to watch the movie again. Also the acting Minister noted the increased interest of the audience for domestic films in recent years, and “Slave” is one of the success stories of Russian cinema.

the Picture was taken with the support of the TV channel “Russia 1”.

the success of the film “the Slave” — the talent of the creators and new year mood of the audience, says artistic Director of the Theatre Oleg Tabakov Vladimir Mashkov. He called the film good and bright history. According to Mashkov, it is a great success of our cinema.

Director Klim Shipenko told about the secret of the success of “Slave” from the audience. In his opinion, “it’s delicious prepared food, served in time for new year’s table”. Its commercial success has provided a set of well-chosen ingredients. The audience does not just go to the movie and watched a few times, told friends and they also came.

According to the portal of the Unified automated information system of information about films in cinemas for three weeks, the film grossed in theaters more than 2.4 billion rubles, becoming the highest-grossing Comedy in history of Russian cinema. Very soon the film will overcome the mark of 2.5 billion rubles.

the painting “the Slave” tells about the son of an oligarch Grisha, who after an accident wakes up in a lordly estate from the XIX century. Now he’s fortress. But in fact, “in the past” Grisha sends dad who wants to teach the son of the major. The film starred Milos Bikovich, Alexandra Bortech, Ivan Okhlobystin, Aleksandr Samoylenko and others.