Medvedev explained the resignation of his Cabinet and announced the task of the new

the Ex-Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev explained the resignation of his government, reports channel “Russia 24”.

It was necessary in the context of political regeneration, said Medvedev, nothing unusual. He refers to the resignation of calm, because the work of his Cabinet, satisfied.

the New government remains to solve the problem of income growth.

the new post in the security Council was discussed earlier, Medvedev is confident that his tenure as Chairman will be important and necessary. In addition, the official will retain the post of Chairman of the party “United Russia”.

Medvedev said that after the announcement of the message to the Federal Assembly, he said the Russian leader Vladimir Putin, claimed that the task of upgrading the political system and even change in the balance of the authorities of the country require the President’s freedom of decision — making without regard to any other factors. Including the government.

16 January, the President signed decrees on the appointment of Michael mishustina the Prime Minister and the introduction of a consolidated list of the state posts of a new position of Deputy Chairman of the Russian security Council. In position about security Council of Russia added a clause according to which “Deputy Chairman of the security Council and the Secretary of the security Council includes as permanent members of the security Council”. By another decree Putin appointed Dmitry Medvedev to the post of Deputy Chairman of the Council, relieving him from the duties of the head of the government.