Medvedev warned about the growth of crime among migrants who stayed in Russia

the Growth of crime among the unemployed and remaining in Russia because of the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 migrants did not rule out the Chairman of the security Council of the country Dmitry Medvedev. During the discussion of the draft concept of public safety in Russia up to 2030, he stressed that the situation in the sphere of migration are a matter of serious concern.

this year, explained Dmitry Medvedev, foreign citizens have committed almost 15 thousand crimes, which is slightly less than last year. But, added the Chairman of the Russian security Council, we should not forget that many of the migrants coming into our country to work, you lost your job and are unable to return to their homeland. This time, according to Medvedev, can greatly aggravate the crime situation and lead to an increase in the number of crimes, reports TASS.

Dmitry Medvedev has set the task for the coming period: to prevent consequences that can arise from new waves of the pandemic, the economic crisis and the new restrictions, if they are needed. The ex-President and former Prime Minister of Russia added that the rise in crime in certain areas can be quite long.

At the same time Medvedev did not rule out new schemes of criminals in such circumstances.