Meghan Markle destroyed the British Royal family

This story is about how independent a girl from Toronto, Canada — daughter mom-African-American and white father, actress and model Meghan Markle, who was three years older than her husband, thus destroying the British Royal family. However, families are not destroyed just because of external influence. The collapse is always predetermined from the inside. If a family has no healthy foundations, the path is not to be envied. In this case we are talking not only about the Royal family, but also about the institution itself the British monarchy.

Queen grandmother, soon to be 94, I’m tired. The past year has been very difficult for the family and the monarchy. Moreover, that Elizabeth II has deceived the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, when on false grounds forced it to suspend the activity of the British Parliament, and thereby put the Queen in a stupid position, so another lie was caught and her beloved son Prince Andrew. It was during an interview with the BBC, when surfaced everything: pedophilia — sexual fun with women and friendship with the American pimp-millionaire Jeffrey Epstein, that mysteriously ended his days in an American prison, and very average intelligence of the Prince, and an outright lie. Anyway once the level of reasoning of the Prince in his defense was a bit too strong. When the leader referred to the fact that one of the nymphets, Andrew recalled how he sweated with it, Andrew suddenly declared that after the war in the Falklands is not sweating from an overdose of adrenaline.

In response to the journalists of the British tabloids immediately found footage of a sweat-drenched Andrew in different situations and everyone began to discuss not so much the sweaty Prince, how much the false Prince. But still blunt.

so, the question is about Virginia Roberts, who claims that at the age of 17, Jeffrey Epstein forced her to have sex with him and Prince Andrew.

– have You ever met Virginia Roberts.

“No,” said Prince Andrew.

But she provided a photo, on which you imagesthe two of us. And you hold her waist.

– Yes, she did. I just don’t remember anything about this photo.

But then lied to not only Prince. The lie was caught and the whole Royal family, as earlier, on behalf of the Royal court has repeatedly stated that all suspicions in the address of Andrew groundless. Or simply the family did not know. Then what?

Relations within the Royal family are false, but statements are made only in order to repay maturing scandals? Also not the best estimate for the Royal family should serve as an example of British moral values.

In General, all this prudish hypocrisy of the British Royal family, pointless and parasitic way of life of the Duchess of Sussex, in the world Meghan Markle, the second whose husband is Prince Harry, tired. Is it defiantly in opposition to the Queen Elizabeth — entered into the family of a vegan diet, the most strict vegetarianism, and against the will of the Queen promised in this culture to nurture and her son Archie. Is she dressed so freely, that Elizabeth was forced to make comments. She Meghan Markle — last summer voluntarily repainted the walls in the bedroom of her son vegan paint. Its manufacturers emphasize that they do not use milk, wax and does not conduct experiments on animals. It would seem a trifle, but what about the rest of the paint in the Royal palaces? The gesture looks like a call to the Queen. Clearly influenced by Magan Markle Prince Harry became involved in yoga and also changed diet. Known masoudi Queen grandmother — mind, but the worse for grandma.

Prince Harry is reckless reveler, known for his extravagant antics. Once even allowed himself to appear at the party in the form of a swastika, taking it as a prank. Not very far away. It’s about him, catch phrase ball: “We were not trained”. And marriage with a strong-willed wife, his senior by three years, completely put Prince in a subordinate position.

once in the article, Elle magazine Meghan Markle wrote: “My mixed heritage may have created a gray area for my identity, giving me the opportunity to understand what is happening on both sides of the fence. And I came to the conclusion that you need to use it to the maximum. I do what to say who I am, where I have to proudly proclaim that I am a strong, confident woman of mixed race”.

And here was this strong, confident woman of mixed race, literally taking hostage Prince Harry, satisfied with the revolt in the Royal family. Playing a wedding for 32 million pounds, after marriage the official title of Duchess of Sussex and giving birth to a son, she is clearly starting to tire of the restrictions of Royal Protocol and always grumbling at her Queen grandmother. Imagine what they had to go the relationship in the crowned name, to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, without telling the Queen-grandmother, said the renunciation of the official duties of senior members of the Royal family. Family about the decision of the learned from Instagram: “After many months of deliberation and internal discussions, we decided this year to transition to a more progressive role in society. We intend to resign by senior members of the Royal family and to achieve financial independence, while continuing to fully support Her Majesty the Queen.”

In the end — a form of courtesy to the Queen-grandmother did not feel absolutely worthless. Anyway, as making a statement, the Duchess of Sussex immediately flew to his native Canada to wait for her husband, soon to join her. What is it? It split the British Royal family. Abandoning the position of them to the Royal content, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry plan to do business and charity. Generally problems should not be.

Megan graduated from northwestern University in Chicago, which is included in the best twenty in the world, has already made a successful career in film and public engagement as a feminist and protector of wildlife, vivid model and style icon in 2019. She will appearSya in a skirt of some brand, then sales skyrocketed.

Recently came the news of her first contract. With Disney. The actress has already voiced cartoons. Announced that all the income goes to benefit the organization “Elephants without borders”, which protects the African giants from poachers. Ahead the joint commercial projects with leading fashion brands in the world. Thus, the Duchess of Sussex triumphant return to his native Canada. Prince Gary — on approach.

the British Royal family licking his wounds. Petty revenge from the gallery Tussauds — wax figures of Megan and Harry rotated out of the hall, where are exhibited the members of the Royal family in the hall just celebrities. Prince Harry Meghan Markle left options. Perhaps, Megan is his dream. As for most of Meghan Markle, she has formulated a long time in the same article for a magazine Elle: “I never wanted to be a lady goes for lunch. I always wanted to be a woman who works.”

Actually, Meghan Markle and made with the Royal family all he wanted. First of all, stressed the senselessness of it and the renunciation and the planned relocation of Prince Harry in Canada is a straight shot on the rebound. And who knows what more painful for London, the approval by Parliament of the Brexit, or a split in the Royal family. A blow to the monarchy, of course, sensitive, but a decision on Brexit, after which the Scottish Parliament immediately voted against it, too, can be fatal. So it is possible that the Kingdom that even in the twentieth century was a mighty Empire on which the sun did not continue to shrink like shagreen leather, and in the twenty-first press is already on their Islands in the North sea.

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