For more than 20 years, actress Mélanie Thierry and her husband, singer Raphaël, have been in perfect love. Stars who only speak out on rare occasions. How did they meet?

According to ELLE magazine, they met long before they were famous. Mélanie Thierry met him in the dressing rooms of a mutual friend’s concert. In the columns of Paris Match, the actress spoke about the start of their romantic relationship. “I was 20 and he was 25 when we met. We grew up and evolved together. We are so bonded that, without each other, we have the impression of having one less member”, she explained.

More in love than ever, they became parents for the first time in 2008 with the birth of their son Romain. Five years later, their family grew again with the arrival of their second boy named Alyosha. A beautiful family who will soon welcome another child since the actress is pregnant for the third time. A pregnancy confirmed by the interpreter of Caravane during an interview with La Tribune du Dimanche.

“It’s annoying to get old, but I’m not going to complain. I don’t have any physical pain, I do an hour of sport a day, I stopped smoking twenty years ago. I lead a fairly healthy life : I allow myself a glass of red wine in the evening, otherwise I no longer have any nocturnal activity, daytime life is enough for me”, he declared on March 3, 2024 and continued: “I get up early to take my children to school and I go to bed at midnight when I shoot until then. And I’m going to be a dad again. It’s wonderful.

According to an indiscretion revealed this May 10 by Nice-Matin, the French actress and the singer, who has just unveiled a new opus, welcomed their third child. “Three years after High Fidelity, Raphaël Haroche returns with ten tracks from his tenth album Another Life. Surrounded by a new team of producers, the 48-year-old artist, who recently became a father for the third time, wanted to refresh his soundscape”, according to comments cited by Public. While the baby’s name and gender remain secret for the moment, Planet invites you to discover the most beautiful couple photos in our slideshow.