Memorial to the victims of the plane crash in Sheremetyevo will appear in the Arctic

In the Arctic will establish a memorial to the victims of a plane crash in Sheremetyevo. It will appear on the burial place of the victims of the tragedy of flight “Moscow — Murmansk”.

it reminds GTRK “Murman” has aired on TV channels “Russia 1” “Russia 24”, 5 may 2019 during a routine flight from Moscow to Murmansk, the aircraft returned to Sheremetyevo airport due to technical problems. But on landing there was an ignition. Of the 78 people on Board survived 37. Killed 41 passengers. Among them was 26 inhabitants in Murmansk region, of which nine of them. Eight graves are now located in one section of the city cemetery.

Now there are two of the beautification project of the victims of the crash. According to the head of municipal formation Murmansk Andrey Sysoyev, in the past year, the architects developed proposals for the development site. Today both options were discussed at city hall meeting with relatives of the victims. It is to them to decide what will eventually become a memorial.

All expenses will be assumed by the municipal administration of Murmansk. As noted by the head Yevgeny Nikora, the tragedy of may 5, affected all residents of the region, left no one indifferent. It is important to preserve the memory of those who died in the crash, he said.

Text: GTRK “Murman”