The men in the picture look serious. It comes to something that is clear. The CSU is negotiating with the liberal voters about who is going to govern Bavaria in the next few years – and how. Not at the table: women. Not a woman.

In the social media, the photo provides currently for excitement. A user commented sarcastically that women in Bavaria are likely to at least choose. More emancipation, one can not expect the CSU and the Free voters. Others, however, argue that it is precisely the most Capable at the table – regardless of gender.

The CSU-parliamentary group replied in a Tweet that in a changing cast will be part of the negotiations and on other days, and some women were sitting at the table.

Not only in the Bavarian policy women

But shop around in German politics, you quickly notice: it is Not only in the case of the Bavarian coalition negotiations, the women are missing. Also in the newly elected Landtag of the free state, you are clearly in the minority: Just 27 percent of the Bavarian members of Parliament are female. In the last legislative period, they scraped at least to the 30-percent mark.

The women, they are not missing, they are less.

And also in the Hessian Parliament, the situation is not much better: In the new Parliament, elected last weekend, shifts the sex ratio in favour of men. Although more women overall, even in the Parliament than ever before – 46 instead of 40 – but also the total number of members has increased. In Hesse, only a third of the Parliament is, therefore, female.

Even at the Federal level, the share of women shrinks in the policy: The German Bundestag has since the last election, only 218 of the female members, squire 31 percent. In the last legislature, there were still 230.

“The Situation is not acceptable”

“The Situation is unacceptable,” said Ulle Schauws, women, and cultural policy spokeswoman of the Greens. “If you really want to change something, asked all parties consistently, women by a ratio equal footing.” Especially in the case of the AfD and the FDP Schauws looks great defects.

recently prescribed, Chancellor Angela Merkel of her party and more women. And, although the CDU has already a woman’s quorum. The party suggests, to occupy at least 30 percent of political Offices to women.

Currently, the CDU is not achieved this section.