The car from Roland said Sepp, Hans has his “the English Patient”, because it was often sick, and the steering Wheel on the wrong side. Also, my father had a name for his cars, anything with A, I think. Their vehicles were their friends. Of course, you have also spoken with them.

“come, come, Come!”, called the Roland, when his Peugeot 105 once again had difficulties to overcome on the way to Italy the irschenberg in a reasonable speed. “You’re ruining me,” said Hans, as he left for the third Time a new engine in his Volvo to install. And my father said, when we drove past an Agip petrol station “Agip Gas!” to his cars.

One had all three of the Companion in common: they didn’t reply. Today it is different. I’m sitting in the new A-class Mercedes (available from 30.300 euros). The car had “a clear, organic shapes, and reduced lines,” reads the product description from the manufacturer. It is true, I think, and wonder if a car can really have an organic form.

Maybe I was in my life just to often in a health food store. No matter. As a passionate passenger I have never made a driving license – should I not have this Time, no eyes interested in the car and I am also his huge, horizontal dual-Display or four-cylinder petrol engine. Today, I want to have ears. Because it can speak. After a small introduction, I know that I should call the car “Hey, Mercedes,” with “You, Mercedes” or “Mercedes”.

The car places no value on politeness, I realize quickly. I question the outside temperature, I get an immediate response. Of course, I want to say thank you. So the car is not expecting and asks what it could do for me. At this point, a discussion of Artificial intelligence and courtesy, would certainly be interesting, but would cause a little too far.

Only so much: You can thank the car, you can say “Please” when you ask something, you can let it stay, and you can’t yell at the car, if you like an answer. The car is damn simply.

The car not to stop even if you

speaks to Yell at him? Yes, not always the System that was developed by the company Nuance, as you would wish, perhaps, respond. We want to travel in Berlin for the Mercedes-Benz Arena, and get directions to the Stuttgart Headquarters of Daimler AG, mercedesstraße 137 delivered. “No!” I scream, “Mercedes-Benz-Arena, Berlin!”.

The car doesn’t understand me. I can’t say that it is to turn off the Radio. “Radio!”, or: “I would like to listen to music.” “Can you change the station, please?” Nothing helps, not even the buddy-like on first-name terms of the car brings me. “The crucifix!”, I scream, “now the Fucking Radio off don’t you?” Nothing.

next Time maybe, I think. Because the System is capable of learning. Each of my entries, screams, processed, and maybe the car knows at some point I just curse when I “crucifix!” that I always talk the way I talk, because I’m from Bavaria, and that I will never, but really never in my life, to Stuttgart. What should I as well?

The more I hit the car with questions, the more there is to know about me. The place of residence of the vehicle owner, it is quick, and also the taste in music, favorite radio station, the bakery, which he drives in front of the work. What do you say to the car, is just as processed as the way you say it.

The car not to stop, even if you speak with him. It reacts only when you say “Mercedes”, but it must have made his eavesdropper to receive, otherwise it could not process the signal word Yes. Where you are, where you like to eat Italian that you regularly prior to the gym, parked, white car quickly anyway.

If Mercedes knew that his customers had a problem, it would not install the Software certainly. No matter, I have finally enabled the location tracking on my cell phone, although I collectors stand against all this data is critical.

As the conversation partner, the A-class (yet)

am I talking so more with the car. It knows neither where the closest ATM is, it seems to be familiar with the word ATM, but it navigated me to the nearest Bank branch. The nearest public toilet is not in the car, and also with: “Hey Mercedes, I have to go!”, nothing start.

Still nothing. The car learns. And it is also a lot can. Roads that have just been locked, to avoid the car, as well as larger and smaller traffic jams. You could smooth get the idea, in Berlin there is no congestion, so supple, you will navigate through the city. The Navi in the A-class is, according to my driver one of the best on the market.

I like that too as a passenger. As a card reader I am on the seat next to the driver already long not more in demand. Before I got in the Mercedes, I had already feared to be as a conversation partner, not needed anymore. This is still not a long time.

Correct conversations, as David Hasselhoff has resulted in the series “Knight Rider” with his car K. I. T. T., you will not be able to run fast with his vehicle. And even K. I. T. T. David Hasselhoff seems to have at some point, the snout full. He then became known to be a lifeguard and has torn down the Berlin wall. Not bad.

Andreas rütten Auer is the Director of the future workshop, the “taz”. He has no driver’s license, and tests for us from the passenger’s perspective.