Mercedes-Benz and Nvidia unite against Tesla

Mercedes-Benz and American manufacturer of graphics solutions, Nvidia announced the joint development of autopilot system of the new generation. The first car equipped with the new platform, scheduled for release in 2024.

Typically, automakers are working alone or in partnership with their trusted suppliers. They combine car platform, originally designed for drives of internal combustion engines, and software components for electric vehicles that develop third-party vendors.

Despite the fact that Daimler and its competitors, Volkswagen and BMW, have criticized the aggressive marketing of the autopilot Tesla, the German company now have to catch up with the us automaker.

Thanks to frequent software updates, software in the Tesla electric cars can boast a large number of features than the competitors, despite the fact that the company Elon musk is struggling to cope with increased production. According to Volkswagen, Tesla ahead of its competitors for ten years.

in an effort to reduce the gap to Mercedes, the world’s oldest automaker, made the unprecedented step of sharing its intellectual property with Nvidia in exchange for access to Nvidia and its software engineers specializing in artificial intelligence.

the Software and the computing power of the processors inside the vehicle are becoming increasingly important due to the rising popularity of systems of the autopilot, which requires that radar, ultrasonic sensors, lidar “communicate” with each other.

In cars with zero emissions electricity is consumed not only by acceleration but also by cooling the battery, working air conditioners, heaters seats, the infotainment system in the vehicle, image recognition and semi-Autonomous driving functions.Therefore, the software also needs to be able to opto tonizirovanie waste of battery.

at first, Tesla has also entered into partnerships with other companies, but after adopting the strategy of Apple is to create computer chips and software ourselves.

the Progress Tesla is unsettling German manufacturers, forcing classic autowindow to rebuild your business. But they have to catch up with the company Mask, and it is not easy. While Tesla retains the lead and even increase it.

the Traditional automakers struggle to attract talented engineers. Partly due to the fact that they are reluctant to pay large salaries for projects without a clear business plan that allows Tesla to keep the advantage.

Tesla collects data on the extent of discharge of batteries and driving style on all their cars and uses them for the development of new software algorithms.

Tesla also managed to preserve the capacity of the battery is above 90% even after 200-300 thousand kilometers, or four to five years, said analysts at UBS in a report in March 2019, attributing it developed by Tesla software, batteries and chips.

a unified Nvidia could allow Daimler to quickly jump on the latest technology.

the Results are not immediately jointly developed by Mercedes-Nvidia will appear on roads only in 2024. Nvidia will help Daimler to develop functions for Autonomous driving, which will later become part of General automobile developed by Mercedes system.