Message 2020: changes to the Constitution, demographics and other global challenges

In the Moscow “Manezh” on 15 January took place already for the 16th annual Message to the Federal Assembly Russian President Vladimir Putin.

the hall was attended by 1300 invited: MPs, senators, Ministers, heads of regions, well-known cultural figures, heads of major religious denominations, heads of leading TV channels and journalists.

the live broadcast were “Russia 24” and other Federal channels of the country, and the activists of the popular front, organized views of Message libraries, universities, cinemas, IFC, museums, houses of culture, hospitals, subways and airports.

I Watched the speech of Vladimir Putin, even in space: the stream was conducted on Board the ISS.

this year, unlike previous ones, the President announced the address at the beginning of the year, explaining that the solution of major problems that Russia faces cannot be postponed.

it Lasted 1 hour 12 minutes, during which Vladimir Putin pointed out key tasks, including the amendments to the Constitution, questions of demography, health, education, environment, support young parents and care for children.

About changes to the Constitution

In his Message, Putin proposed to make several amendments to the Constitution. First of all, he finds it necessary to tighten the requirements for presidential candidates.

At his suggestion, the future head of state should live in Russia not less than 25 years and never have another nationality.

Putin also noted that Russian President may not hold the presidency for more than two consecutive terms.

in addition, the Russian leader proposed to prevent to high office of foreigners; a foreign nationality may also not have judges and MPs.

Some of the amendments directly relate to certain categories of Russians. For example, the President believes that the Constitution is necessary to secure the regular indexation of pensions, and the fact that the minimum wage cannot be below the subsistence level minimum.

the President also stated that the requirements of international law can operate in Russia only in the part which is not contrary to the Constitution, that is, the priority of the Basic law in the legal space of the country.

He also called in the Constitution the status of the state Council and the principles of a unified system of public authority to bridge the gap between the state and municipal levels of government.

the President stressed that changing the Constitution is not necessary — you only need to bring separate amendments package which Putin has proposed to submit to the popular vote.

About the appointment of the Prime Minister, Ministers and security forces

In his Message, Putin also noted the need to trust the state Duma not just approval, and the approval of the candidacy of the Prime Minister, and then (in his view) the Vice-premiers and Federal Ministers.

the President will be obliged to appoint these individuals and to reject them will not.

the head of state should remain entitled to dismiss the Prime Minister, Ministers and judges of the constitutional and Supreme courts, as well as lead security agencies.

the Federation Council, Putin proposed to give the right to fire Federal judges, and the constitutional court — right to review bills before the President signs it.

the President also suggested the appointment by the President, heads of security agencies and regional prosecutors only on the basis of consultations with the Federation Council.

About the demographics and the benefits for children

His 16th Message, Putin began with demographic issues. “How many babies will be born in Russia depends on many things,” said the President, Recalling the “demographic trap”of the 1990s, which is worse than during the great Patriotic war.

According to the head of the state, the birth rate this year is 1.5. For comparison, in 1943, was only one-tenth of the menof again.

This problem must be addressed, said Putin has set the task: fertility rate by 2024, needs to be increased in 1.7.

in order to achieve this, we need to support the family. First and foremost is to provide all children with places at the nursery.

by the end of next year to create up to 255 thousand new places, tasked the head of state. The money is already allocated from the Federal budget.

Putin has also offered to extend the maternity capital program at least until December 31, 2026.

moreover, the head of state believes that this year the matkapital in today’s volume (and it is — more than 466 thousand) shall be paid at birth of first child.

In the case of a birth of the second child the parents will pay increased on 150 thousand of the amount.

in addition, we have already decided that at birth in the family of the third child the state puts out 450 thousand rubles her mortgage loan.

Touched the President and the issue of monthly payments to families with children.

He offered to provide a monthly payment for children aged 3 to 7 years inclusive, and from January 1, 2020.

Payments will be families whose incomes do not exceed a minimum subsistence level for a person.

in Order to obtain such payment, citizens will be enough to apply and specify the official legal income.

Putin has set the task to make the procedure as comfortable and easy for citizens to enable them to arrange everything without queues and barriers, or remotely through the respective state portals.

In each subject of the Federation incomes may vary, but the payoffs at the first stage will be half a living wage — 5,5 thousand rubles, said the President.

schools and universities

Putin also gave instructions to create all the conditions so that children feel comfortable to learn in schools.

this requires high-speed Internet, which will appear in all schools by 2021ode, and additional places in schools.

the Head of state also instructed all primary school children to provide free hot meals.

in addition, the head of state instructed to introduce student leaders a special Supplement of not less than 5 thousand rubles at the expense of the Federal budget since September 1.

Putin Also suggested increasing the number of seats in the regional universities, and the high school urged to keep up with the times and to respond to rapidly changing labour market, creating new departments.

the President Reminded about the project “Russia — country of opportunities”, which involved more than 3.5 million people. He promised that this system will be further developed.


In this sphere the head of state demanded to focus on primary care, as primary health care people turn most often.

According to Vladimir Putin, feldsher-midwife stations in rural areas should have a modern equipment — that experts do not only was written reference and send people to the center, but also provided real help.

it Also aims to provide doctors with housing. In addition, the letter States that 70 percent of budget places in medical schools should be targeted, and Pediatrics — 75%.

Touched the President and the acute problems of availability of medicines in the country. He said that work will start applications through a single register of recipients of medicines in the regions. For free or on a special quota, but all needing citizens will be in control, promised the head of state.

He drew attention to the quality of medicines, control of which will skyrocket. Moreover, the President said, not only to pharmaceutical companies but also at all stages of circulation of medicines, including in pharmacy networks.

About the environment

In his Message, Putin set the task to implement a system of environmental monitoring.

According to him, before the end of this year, 80 of the 300 producers must move to improved technologies, that is, to obtain an environmental permit. According to the head of the state, now issued 16 such permits.

the President Reminded about the need to introduce separate collection of waste, and that manufacturers and importers themselves are obliged to pay for recycling the packaging of their products.

the Head of state noted that the mechanisms of the enhanced environmental responsibility must begin to apply from 2021.

After the announcement of the Message Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Tatyana Golikova has expressed confidence that the budget has sufficient funds for the implementation of the tasks set by the President.