Metropolitan Hilarion of amendments to the Constitution

Metropolitan Hilarion spoke about how the ROC relates to the amendments to the Constitution, reports channel “Russia 24”.

the Priest noted that the amendments were developed with the participation of all traditional confessions of the Russian Federation. It took a special meeting of the inter-Christian consultative Committee, which brings together all Christian denominations, and the Interreligious Council of Russia, which unites all traditional confessions of our country, including Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism. At this meeting adopted an appeal to lawmakers to amend with references to God. The amendment, which reflects the consensus of all traditional religions of the Russian Federation, have made. Even Buddhists have supported this amendment, although in Buddhism, the idea of one God, the Creator of heaven and earth, is missing. God is the controller of morality. And if there is no God, no absolute Foundation for moral values.

the Metropolitan drew attention to the importance of the amendments on the support of the family as the Union of a man and woman. Now in different countries have introduced legislative provisions that expand the concept of family. And somewhere a family can be called a Union between two men, two women or some even more phantasmagoric, the unnatural Alliance. Our legislation establishes the fundamental principle, on which for centuries was built the human community? the family is the Union of a man and woman. A special line in the Constitution enshrines the right of children to protection.

of Course, the Church strongly supports a number of other amendments, aimed primarily at the social sphere and regarding human well-being. For the first time in the Constitution will be fixed on the principle that the salary of the person cannot be less than minimum wage. This will oblige employers to pay people at least minimum.
the Constitutional principle of indexation of pensions, because any future government can into sliknot situation when the next financial crisis will lead to impossibility of indexing. Now this principle is enshrined in the Constitution, it cannot be ignored.