Metropolitan Hilarion of amendments to the Constitution, the LGBT propaganda and protests in the United States

Russia began voting on amendments to the Constitution. Some of them were developed with the participation of the Church. What changes of the basic law in the ROC consider most important, in an interview to “Russia 24” said Metropolitan Hilarion.

– In Russia began voting on amendments to the Constitution. The official date is July 1, but to cast your vote this week. A lot of amendments, some of which were developed with the participation of the Church. I would like to ask you, what kind of amendment?

– First of all I would like to say that the amendments were developed with the participation of all traditional confessions of the Russian Federation. It took a special meeting of the inter-Christian consultative Committee, which brings together all Christian denominations of our country, and the Interreligious Council of Russia, which unites all traditional confessions of our country, including Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism. And here on this joint meeting adopted an appeal to lawmakers to amend with references to God. This amendment was made. That is, this amendment reflects the consensus of all traditional religions of the Russian Federation, it is very important to emphasize. It is not only the Russian Orthodox Church. Even Buddhists at this meeting supported the amendment, despite the fact that in Buddhism, the idea of one God, the Creator of heaven and earth, is missing. God is the controller of morality. And here if there is no God, then there is no kind of absolute basis for moral values.

What else is very important in the amendments to the Constitution is that the state supports the family as a Union of men and women. Now in different countries have introduced such legislation, which expand the concept of family, and family in some countries it is already possible to call a Union between two men or a Union between two women or some even more phantasmagoric, the unnatural Alliance. Our legislation establishes tfrom the fundamental principle, on which for centuries was built the human community. This is the principle that the family is the Union of a man and woman.

it is also important that special line in the Constitution enshrined the right of children to state protection.

But, of course, the Church also warmly supports a number of other amendments, especially those aimed at the social sector and which relate to the welfare of the people. For example, for the first time in the Constitution will be fixed on the principle that the salary of the person cannot be less than minimum wage. This is very important. This will oblige all employers to pay people at least minimum.

the Constitutional principle of indexation of pensions – it is also very important because any future government in any subsequent years may arise such a situation when the next financial crisis will lead to the fact that it would be impossible to index pensions. If this principle is enshrined in the Constitution, it would be impossible not to index pensions.

– your Eminence, you are just now talking about the fact that it blurs the concept of the family as an institution in the West. I don’t know if you’ve read the work “Harry Potter” by J. K. Rowling, but the stars of this film in unison opposed the Creator of the original book due to the fact that she previously spoke negatively address transgender people, to be more precise, categorically spoke about the concept of “person with menstruation, as a replacement for a woman”, she is outraged! Because of this she became the target of attacks. Thank God, we in America do not live, we women are still women. But, in your opinion, how far is the Apocalypse, when the ban in General to divide people into the conversation in the media, on social networks men and women?

– At least our country is not threatened, as is our Constitution and those amendments that are offered. We will have preserved the traditional family structure, in oureat society will be saved men and women. Transgender and sexual minorities will not be subject to some persecution, but this lifestyle is not be promoted, as is happening now in the West. We after all speak not for the fact that some people were persecuted for their way of life. We in the Church advocate that is not eroded those absolute moral standards, which for centuries was built the people’s lives, which enabled people to be fruitful and multiply. Now it is the erosion of the moral foundations of human existence in the West is happening, and happening very rapidly.

– your Eminence, the Constitution – in the Constitution, but there is such a thing as “soft power”, is, in the end, marketing and so on, and the idea of LGBT people is an idea that very well and progressing very well. Yesterday I had a conversation with the owner of clothing brand in Russia, is an international American brand, and they now await the receipt of the collection, which is entirely devoted to minority rights. There will be LGBT-coloring traditional rainbow, and so on. He is not happy, he frankly told me that he did not very sure that in Russia it will be in great demand. But it is the international policy of the company, and he, as a representative of the brand in Russia needs to respond to it. What kind of influence which comes to us from the outside? To prohibit it, is obviously impossible.

– I think there are ways quite legitimate to counter this influence, because, in fact, it is about promoting the lifestyle that is unhealthy. If we promote Smoking is prohibited, if, as we said in a recent transmission, even in every movie that shows Smoking, now there is such an inscription, which suggests that Smoking is injurious to health, even if we are talking about movies made many decades ago, so why can’t there be some limitsenforcement of regulations that prohibit the promotion of unhealthy and unnatural way of life, including through this kind of collection?

I myself was once a victim of this kind of propaganda. I came to the meeting with one senior official in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of great Britain. Was the case in London. I talked with her, we broke up, and then I showed the photo of our conversation, and now it turns out that between me and her on the table was the flag of the LGBT. It turns out that this lady is the propaganda of this way of life, and in her office there is such a symbolism. But I don’t think, sitting in a chair, to see what is around, I just didn’t notice this check box. However, this kind of propaganda in such ways, in my opinion, dishonest, is now underway. And I very much hope that in our country nothing like that will happen.

– Arises in this context, the question, returning to the theme of J. K. Rowling and determining who in the modern Western world is male and who is female. On what grounds do they share? After all, if these boundaries are offset, will be diluted, if not men and women, it turns out, there is no forbidden fruit, no fornication, adultery. Of course, homosexuality – that’s what I generally keep quiet! What is the result then?

– Traditional religious confessions have always been, are and will fight to protect that which is not just religious and moral teaching, but also refers to the sphere of human morality. Now some figures of liberalism, especially in the West, very unhappy with the Church and that the Church protects traditional values. But we protect them not because they are traditional, not because they are rooted in the past, and we know maybe better than some politicians, and of what constitutes people’s lives. Including what constitutes the welfare of the people. We know how, for example, affect people family happiness. And we, the priests, constantabout dealing with people who have happy families, as well as with people who have problems in families. And that is the morality offered by the Church today, which offer other traditional confessions, on the one hand, very realistic, because it comes from the experience of people’s lives, but on the other hand, is aimed at protecting people’s lives and to make people full and happy.

there are Indeed issues such as homosexuality, as an attraction of one person to a representative of your gender, but such problems are solved and not necessarily just by making those legislative norms that allow or that promote this kind of lifestyle. The Church has gained a very large experience of pastoral work, including with people who have similar kind of tendencies. And I think it is very important that Russia now lawmakers are listening to the voices of traditional faiths, because if we follow the way in which Western society has gone, this is the way of permissiveness. This Dostoyevsky said in his novels, he warned, to which it might lead. And the catch phrase, taken from Dostoyevsky, which is a paraphrase of what he said: “If there is no God, then everything is permitted”, that phrase just warns of developments that are currently taking place in the West.

– your Eminence, and in the end American theme. The Western media is now discussing the fact that the protests sow serious dissension between the US President, trump and the Pope. You probably know about it a little more. Is this true? If Yes, what is the subject of contention?

the Pope as a religious leader just expressed concern about police arbitrariness, which was the cause of the protests, now seized the whole of America. And I think that it can’t be some personal conflict. I think we are talking about the position of the religious leader, whoI was announced in the public space. Someone like more, some like less, someone she may not even like it, but the duty of the religious leader is to respond to such events. And the Pope in this case had performed his duty.