At 82 years old, singer Michel Fugain is an emblematic artist of the French-speaking musical landscape. With his hits Attention ladies and gentlemen and Une belle histoire, he became a popular artist who was able to please many generations.

As for his private life, Michel Fugain had a love affair with a woman named Stéphanie whom he married in 1972 before divorcing a few years later. The couple became parents of three children: Marie, Laurette and Alexis. The first became an actress. She has notably appeared in numerous television series such as Navarro, Plus Belle la vie or even in 2021 in an episode of J osephine, ange guardian. The 49-year-old artist is currently starring in the play A Friend’s Advice.

Their second daughter, Laurette Fugain, unfortunately fell victim to a tragic fate. Suffering from leukemia, she died in May 2002 at the age of 22. “It’s impossible not to think of a child we lost. It fills my head and my heart,” confided Stéphanie Fugain in the show Chez Jordan and added: “I believed in it until the At the end, even though the doctors told me: ‘It’s over, you have to bring your husband in’, I said to myself ‘But never, we won’t give up.’ The artist Michel Fugain, for his part, decided to take a break from his career in order to mourn.

“What we experienced was an earthquake (…) But time did what it had to do. Little by little, we are putting back together a link that had momentarily failed. Although I don’t “I haven’t really lived like that… Let’s say we did what we could,” Marie and Michel Fugain said at the Gala.

Following this disappearance, the couple founded the Laurette Fugain Association to fight against leukemia.