Microsoft called for the release of Windows 7 to freedom

the free software Foundation (Free Software Foundation, FSF) has called on Microsoft to translate Windows 7 into the category of freeware. This was reported on the organization’s website, where you can also sign a petition.

“January 14, Windows 7 officially seversl its life cycle, has stopped updating and is over ten years, during which she was the Bane of education, violated the privacy and threatens the safety of users, – said in the appeal. – We call on Microsoft to release it as free software, passing it the community for learning and improvement”.

the FSF Activists point to the precedents of the translation of certain Windows utilities to the status of free software (we are talking about “the Calculator”) and affirm that the Corporation will not lose anything, “freeing” version of OSes, which she calls “its obsolete”.

the petition urging Microsoft to respect the freedom and privacy of its users and not force them to install the latest version of the operating system. “We need more evidence that you really respect the users and their freedom, and not simply use these concepts when you are comfortable in marketingovyy purposes,” write the authors of the appeal.

Free software is not the same as free. Its users are given the right to unlimited installation, startup, freedom to use, study, distribute and change, as well as the distribution of copies and results of the modification. In addition, such software must be distributed open source code, based on which you can compile executables.

the free software Foundation was founded in 1985, the year Richard Stallman – computer programmer and founder of the GNU project. The original purpose of the project was “to develop enough free software to be able to do without software that is not free.”

Text: News.Hi-tech