Microsoft has learned of serious vulnerabilities in Windows from the security services

Microsoft has released a patch for all versions of Windows that resolves a serious security vulnerability. The national security Agency, the U.S. reported that the specialists of the secret services discovered the hole and reported it the developer Windows.

the Vulnerability affects the cryptographic key component present in all versions of Windows library crypt32.dll. It provides the most important functions of interface developers, the CryptoAPI, which the creators of Windows applications used to implement the functions of encryption and decryption using digital certificates.

a Vulnerability in crypt32.dll makes unsafe authorization of Windows users on personal computers and servers, deprived of protection of their data in Internet Explorer and Edge, as well as a number of third-party applications and tools.

As TechCrunch notes, in the past the NSA has been criticized for concealing its employees discovered vulnerabilities in popular software and electronic equipment and their use in espionage. Two years ago, established on the basis of other holes in Windows to exploit EternalBlue fell to the attackers, and those created on the basis of virus-extortionist WannaCry. He became one of the largest malware outbreaks in history, causing damage of millions of dollars.

Text: To.Hi-tech