Microsoft will make their

One of the world’s largest IT companies – Microsoft – has announced a major program aimed at reducing carbon emissions. The project was presented by CEO Satya Nadella.

Microsoft has promised to 2030-th year, not only to reduce to zero the emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases, but also to make the carbon footprint of the company is negative. This plan to achieve by moving to 2025 year energy for all data centers and office buildings to renewable energy, as well as replacing all cars with internal combustion engines electric.

By 2050, the company plans to completely remove your carbon footprint, from both direct emissions and electricity consumption, for all the time since its Foundation. in 1975-m to year. This will be a number of methods, such as, for example, planting and restoration of forests, carbon sequestration (trapping carbon in the soil), bioenergy with sequestration and storage of carbon (BECCS) and direct air capture (DAC).

in addition, the company will establish an investment Fund with a volume of $ 1 billion, which will Fund innovative projects in the field of technologies for dealing with carbon emissions. Finally, Microsoft will develop and implement technologies that will help partners and customers reduce their own carbon emissions. specifically, the new tool Microsoft Sustainability Calculator is able to predict the amount of carbon emission from the use of the Azure cloud, visualizing the results in Power BI. This will help customers to estimate the amount of current emissions and the potential to assess the environmental benefit from a full migration to the cloud.

Earlier it was reported that 2019 was the second warmest year on the planet over the entire history of observations. And in early January, even such a well-known “climate skeptic” as the US President Donald trump said that does not deny the fact of global warming.

Text: News.Hi-tech