The crowds are the fuel of Donald Trump. Before landing in Texas ten days ago, he looked on a phone, the long queue of his fans entering the Houston NRG Arena and confided to reporters aboard Air Force One: “I feel the same energy that in 2016, I think we are going to make a very good score.”

The surveys may be uncertain, the president relies on the barometer rallies election which he follows like a marathon runner: more than 150 since it was launched in policy, thirty during the last three months of the campaign. “People go there as the show, he gives them exactly what they expect,” said Jeff Kaufmann, chairman of the republican Party in Iowa. There is at its best, this is where he shines and he knows it.”

Some fans follow it like on tour: Randal Thom, 58 years of age, spotted by the New York Times in Springfield (Missouri), is at its fortieth “MAGA Rally” (the acronym of ” Make America Great …

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