Military analyst from Japan: the MiG-25 is the fastest in the world

Military analyst from Japan Mori Kentaro shared his impressions of the MiG-25, noting that the plane is “the fastest in the world.”

In an article published in a blog on Yahoo News Japan says that among high-speed military fighters MiG-25 is still number one in the world. In 1962 he set a world record, reaching the 500-km route with a radius of 80 kilometers, the average hourly speed 2981,5 kilometers. To date this record has not been beaten.

the MiG-25 was created in the Soviet Union to counter military aircraft “class 3”, which was created in the US in the 1960s. These included strategic bomber XB-70 and reconnaissance aircraft A-12 (SR-71 Blackbird).

According to the author, the creators of the fighter was able to solve the problem of extremely high temperatures at a set rate. For aircraft established a special steel alloys, possessing a great strength and resistance to temperatures.

Also on the MiG-25 set a record for the climb, according to RIA Novosti. The aircraft at maximum thrust reached a height of 35 thousand meters in 4 minutes, 11 seconds. In addition, the MiG-25 were fitted with four missiles with a range of up to 80 kilometres and a large radar.

Mori Kentaro sums up: in the 50 years of the MiG-25 is the highest step of the podium as the “king of speed”.