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Military medics rolled up field hospitals in Dagestan

Military medics rolled up field hospitals in Dagestan

In connection with the improvement of the epidemiological situation in Dagestan specialists of the multidisciplinary field hospital of the Russian defense Ministry has completed work on helping patients with the new coronavirus type.

Now the treatment of the local population will be carried out in the Central city and regional hospitals of the Republic, and if necessary in a new multi-functional health centres of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation, built in Derbent, Kaspiysk and Khasavyurt.

As reported, more than a month military medics provided the necessary assistance to the infectious diseases hospital departments and field hospitals deployed in Botlikh and Buynaksk. Through the hospitals of the hospitals has been more than 200 patients who have already been discharged after recovery. And about a thousand inhabitants of the Republic received the services provided by visiting medical teams of military doctors.

assistance to the population of the Republic of Dagestan in the fight against the spread of coronavirus infection was carried out in accordance with the instructions of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the instructions of the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu. Medical assistance to local residents provided more than 200 soldiers, including 168 doctors, medium and Junior medical specialists.