Military technology took the pre-milestone: the Victory Parades to be held in 28 cities

Parades in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory will be held in 28 cities of Russia. They will all be carried out with observance of necessary sanitary requirements. About this informed the official representative of the Russian Ministry of defense Igor Konashenkov. The main parade is traditionally held on red square. Now the technique is preparing for the night of rehearsal, which will take place on June 17.

Military vehicles took the last foreign holiday. Located in the Lower Mnevniki, the real Armada. Hundreds of military vehicles lined up on beauty treatments — washing, painting, and refueling.

shower schedule. Cold with pressure. The more water the better. The car literally needs to Shine.

the Engine roars, the body shines, on the order of chassis and weapons package.

For each combat unit fixed combat crew. Eight hundred troops have already begun to work. Attention is paid to every detail. Everyone knows that tanks not afraid of dirt but love cleanliness and care.

once the paint dries, caterpillar shoes in special pads of thick rubber on each truck, so heavy machinery is asphalt and easily swept through the streets of the capital. In fact ahead of the main route.

“the Preparation of the main parade in Moscow is conducted in a planned manner with observance of all necessary security measures, — said the official representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia major-General Igor Konashenkov. Parades traditionally take place in other regions of the Russian Federation. The activities will be organized and conducted in strict accordance with the decisions and recommendations of the sanitary doctors of regions, according to circumstances, somewhere in full, somewhere on a smaller scale. There can be goals to be held in each region a full-scale parades at any cost, some of them will be rather symbolic event.”

Military Parades and artillery salutes in this year will take in 28 cities of Russia. Traditionally, the biggest meetingdenotes the Russian capital. On the cobblestones of red square will pass parade of 232 units of military equipment. Tens of new products of the domestic defense industry, their audience will see for the first time. Among them, anti-aircraft missile system s-300V4.

“It is intended to cover the troops of the objects of the administrative-industrial centers from blows of aircraft of all types, helicopters, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles. The height of the targeted objectives — to 40 kilometers. Analogs of such system in the world” — says the commander of division 77 of the anti-aircraft missile brigade of the southern military district Dmitry Gordeev.

will Lead the main column according to the tradition of the legendary T-34 tanks. Despite the jubilee age, the car is in perfect condition.

Cooking in the final stage. The final touch — the emblem of military glory: the red stars and St. George ribbon on Board each machine. They are symbols of heroism and valor.

“personnel of the mechanized column configured positively. With the task can handle it. Equipment and weapons to participate in the Parade will be ready by the end on the 19th,” — says the head of the armored service of the Western military district, major General Eugene Chindyaikin.

a Military hangar, kind of a huge beauty salon on the square of nine hectares. He now works in a mode non-stop. Already on June 17 equipment will go to red square to take part in the first training night of the Victory Parade.