In the championship Russian mini-a football Superleague continues the matches of the 11th round. Two dual match held applying for prize-winning places “Sinara” and “Tyumen”. The club from Ekaterinburg won the first meeting of the Champions (4:2), but in the second the victory was celebrated by Siberians – 5:2.

Another game was held in Syktyvkar, where the local “New Generation” taking Grozny, “the eagle”. Owners lost with the account 0:3, but managed to catch up with the opponent (4:4) and yet the visitors managed to score the decisive goal in the closing stages of the match 5:4 in favor of “eagles” from Chechnya.

the Tournament table is headed “Gazprom-Yugra” (44 points), the top six included the Communist party (36 points), Sinara (36), “Tyumen” (31), “Dynamo-Samara” (28), “Norilsk Nickel” (24).