Ministry of health: restrictions on the coronavirus will take, but possible

the Main infectious diseases, Ministry of health of Russia Elena Malinnikova hopes that the weakening of the quarantine will not worsen the situation with the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19. However, added Malinnikova, you need to be prepared for “possible “turbulence” and any development process.

a Successful anti-epidemic measures helped to avoid the worst-case scenario incidence, but prevention and hygiene is compulsory for all the same.

the Program remove restrictions scientifically explained the main infectious diseases and the Ministry of health and the CPS come from the safety of the population in the program of lifting the restrictive measures.

Malinnikova urged parents to be sure to explain to children the danger of coronavirus and the importance of prevention, writes “Interfax”.

details of the deal with the new infection in Russia on the site of stopmanager.of the Russian Federation.