Ministry of health: the situation with coronavirus in Dagestan stabilized

In Dagestan managed to stabilize the situation after a sharp rise in the number of cases of a new type of coronavirus, said the Russian Minister of health Michael Murashko in the course of the meeting Prime Minister Mikhail mishustina. The broadcast of the event led channel “Russia 24”.

According to him, in the process participated not only the Ministry of health, but the defense Ministry, Federal service and Federal clinics.

“And today, I want to note that the situation is stabilized not only by the incidence and improve outcomes, we see and testing. This is an important element,” — said the Minister.

He explained that over the last month the amount of testing in the country has increased more than six times.

Murashko also noted that the regional doctors sent the best Moscow specialists. In particular, to share the experience with Dagestani doctors went to the head physician of the Moscow hospital in Kommunarka Denis Protsenko.

Earlier it was reported that on 15 June in Dagestan begins first stage of withdrawal is introduced because of the coronavirus restrictions. Will resume work in service industries, will open non-food stores, you can walk and play sports on the street.