Mishustin approved a new discount on train fares for students

applicants and their will receive an additional discount on train tickets, it follows from the government decree signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

Previously the discount was only for travel in the General and couchette cars. Now the discount is 50% of the cost of tickets for travel in double-deck passenger cars with four-seat coupe for children older than 10 years.

the Discount is valid for students and pupils of educational institutions during the training year: 1 January to 31 may and from 1 September to 31 December.

Russian Railways noted a significant reduction in the load of long-distance trains. With the improvement of the environment and increased demand for passenger transport, the company will restore the network in its entirety and will enhance the offer to passengers.

Passenger trains will be reduced in June was 83.6% in annual terms, noted in the corporate newspaper “Gudok” of the Russian Railways. The total passenger traffic decreased in April by 77% to 1.8 million, in may — by 78.9% to 2 million.

Russian Railways in June intend to carry long-distance passengers, 1.9 million against 11.6 million in June 2019.

the Company intends to return in July and August, more than 60% of the summer trains are cancelled due to the reduction of passenger traffic with pandemic coronavirus. The Railways also plan to increase the frequency of trains plying 57. In a favourable development of the epidemiological situation of the Russian Railways from July will gradually increase the schedule of trains, “the Federal passenger company. By early September, the company intends to repay 67 of the 102 previously canceled trains.