Mishustin called for speeding up the digitalization of government institutions

Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin at the operational meeting with Deputy Prime Minister urged to accelerate the pace of translation services to government agencies in electronic form.

Mishustin noted that the modernization of digital mechanisms have a positive impact on the development of the state, and also allows you to reduce costs, simplify and accelerate the operation of a variety of services.

a Long correspondence and inefficient processing of information should go into the past, so the introduction of information technology into all aspects of the departments activities is intended to provide a more productive work with data, simplify and accelerate cooperation between state authorities.

To further facilitate the interaction between the citizen and the state, and the work of departments to make more efficient and accurate, we began the gradual digital transformation of Federal Executive authorities and their assigned industries. – said Mishustin. – In fact – modernizing the whole system of public administration based on “numbers”.

Mishustin said that digital transformation will optimize the internal processes in the departments, and will also allow people and companies to quickly and easily interact with government agencies and to obtain the necessary services in electronic form.

In the ministries and departments have identified supervisors, responsible for the implementation and development of projects of digital transformation. So that the transition to “figure” went smoothly, the Cabinet approved the regulation on the management of projects. Mishustin urged to give this work the highest priority.

the Government will also simplify the procedure of provision of some public services. Now more services can be obtained without personal presence. So, this year the Pension Fund and social insurance Fund will be able to simplify the procedure of providing public services and identification of applicants.

Earlier Vladimir Putin held a meeting on the situation in the field of communications and IT industry. Talked about the fact that opportunities of the industry became in demand as never before exactly in the context of pandemic coronavirus and related restrictions.

Vladimir Putin remarked that the pandemic constraints have pushed many businesses and organizations to implement digital tools to increase efficiency. But the digitalization, Putin said, is important not only in business but also in public services, in education and medicine.

Vladimir Putin believes it is important to create conditions for accelerated development and implementation of information technologies in the field of communication. The President noted that in the framework of the national project “Digital economy” many of the solutions already provided, and the number of instructions was identified in the Message to the Federal Assembly in January of this year.