Mishustin: for the implementation of the Message of the President in 2020 will require 450 billion

To perform the tasks outlined in the annual presidential address to the Federal Assembly, in 2020 will require 450 billion rubles. This figure is called the candidate for the post of Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin at the meeting with the faction “Fair Russia” in the Duma.

“We worked on the message from the point of view of calculations. I participated in meetings with the President, – quotes TASS mishustina. – We have sufficient funds to support all decisions that are appropriately the message was formulated.”

the Candidate for Prime Minister said that a great means to achieve the goals outlined by the President are the national projects.

“This is the fight against poverty and demographics, the issues related to education, medicine, development of our companies,” – said Mishustin.

Earlier, the candidate for the position of head of government met with representatives of the other factions. His candidacy was unanimously supported by the representatives of “United Russia”. Also, it was supported by the liberal democratic party and “Fair Russia”. The leader of the liberal Democrats Vladimir Zhirinovsky has expressed the opinion that Mishustin cope with the implementation of the national projects. The head spravedlivorossov Sergei Mironov expressed confidence that the candidate for the post of Prime Minister is ready to work and to cooperation.

In the Communist party, meanwhile, announced that it will abstain from voting on the candidacy mishustina. Communist leader Gennady Zyuganov had lunch “to see what program and what the team” will offer Mishustin Russian President Vladimir Putin.

on 15 January, after dubbed Putin’s address to the Federal Assembly, the head of the accounts chamber of Russia Alexei Kudrin called the amount needed to implement the President’s proposed measures. In his opinion, it will reach 400-500 billion rubles.