Mishustin - head of government: how he will be Prime Minister and what tasks should be addressed

Consultation of Michael mishustina with the parliamentary factions began today, January 16, early in the morning. In the middle of the day, his candidacy was approved by the deputies at the plenary session. And, of course, a key topic of conversation with parliamentarians was the implementation of the tasks the President set in his address to the Federal Assembly. As noted by Michael himself Mishustin, equipment, as well as the opportunities arise. How was the vote and what parting words of the new Prime Minister received from the state Duma?

an hour and a half discussion, and the Duma gives the nod. For — 383, against — no, 41 abstentions.

“Mikhail, record support, You will not beat because biggest support was provided by the Parliament our President, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. 392 votes he received, when the State Duma gave consent in 2008 when considering his candidacy. But the support of Parliament today for You” — Mishustin has addressed to the Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin.

To this result the head of the Federal tax service was on the parliamentary corridors in the morning. A further nine were not, and have held meetings with the speaker and consultations.

Mikhail Mishustin on Okhotny Ryad. This day is extremely intense. Meetings scheduled. First — United Russia. Communication without cameras, but the deputies themselves have posted a video. Listened, voted.

— Vyacheslav Viktorovich (Volodin), what are the results? What he was talking about?

— Wait, let we will carry out all consultations, and then say the result. We have only the beginning of the process. Meeting of the biggest fraction was bright, so proposals were formulated. I think the result you will see in the plenary hall.

“Ready, Mikhail?”. Mishustin said, “Yes.” Remark allows to judge character. The answer is clear and very specific. The quality of the business convinced and eedinorossov — unanimous support.

the head of the faction Sergei Neverov said: “This is a clear Manager. This is a very sociable person, open. Yesterday we talked long enough. The leaders of the factions sat together. He has good ideas, ideas that he voiced”.

But not enough to convince the leaders need to meet with the deputies. Vyacheslav Volodin and Mikhail Mishustin proceeded down the corridor, behind them the crowd of journalists. In the liberal democratic party was already waiting. Zhirinovsky met near the office. The master of intrigue at first kept pause — have not decided. Later it became clear — support. In favor mishustina says his technical education.

“We need the engineers all Executive positions. And we will demand that the President appointed Ministers, while it is still his prerogative, just engineers. They are able to build management processes,” — said the head of fraction of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

Spravedlivorossy also decided — this man can be trusted with the Cabinet. Importantly, the social sphere was his priority. The head of the faction “Fair Russia” Sergei Mironov said: “Our power, a powerful country, independent, sovereign, which always was, is, and will remain so, she’s wealthy, primarily human beings, and our greatest asset is our citizens who must obtain from the state the right to a decent life.”

No doubt the professionalism of the candidate and the Communists. But the faction’s decision to abstain.

“he Is an experienced man, with good school, who knows the tax laws and collection of taxes. He has developed expertise that deserves attention and maximum support. We are currently not able to vote for for the reason that we don’t know the team and don’t know what program he would eventually propose,” — said GeneDIY Zyuganov.

the procedure, but even this does not exclude accidental reservations. “I ask you to support the President of the Russian Federation and consent of the State Duma for the appointment of Michael mishustina for the position of Chairman of the State Duma. Sorry, for the post of Prime Minister of the Russian Federation”, — said Plenipotentiary representative of the President in the state Duma Harry Minh.

the points Mishustin said that he intends to do at the helm of the Cabinet: to create concretestone enterprises to support the defense, to make a breakthrough in digitization of the real sector.

“Thanks to macroeconomic stability and a surplus budget, we have financial sources for the implementation of all set by the President tasks, starting from January this year. Money, funds allocated for national projects, need to work primarily in the Russian economy. I want to assure you that all members of the government will bear personal responsibility for the achievement of national development goals. I believe that the government should feel that it will always be a demand,” — said during his speech Mikhail Mishustin.

questions from the floor. Mishustin gave to understand — wait populist steps from him not:

— As you estimate the initiative of fraction of LDPR about cancellation or freezing of payment of Russians on credit obligations?

— Bad value. Cancellation of credit obligations will lead to a wave of bankruptcies. And thus people will lose money, those who are not to blame. Actually, I appreciate bad write-off as still acting tax collector.

with the Support of deputies Mishustin enlisted. Now it is important to decide on frames:

— do you have an understanding of whom you would like to see in your team?

— I think that this understanding will arise in the coming days.

the Cabinet and Dooms a good tradition to work together, focused Mishustin. This interaction he hopes to strengthen.

Before Mikhail Mishustin are major problems. But there is a clear benchmark — the President’s Message. The parliamentarians promised to support, but also intend to ask strictly.