Major League Baseball placed Trevor Bauer on administrative leave on Friday. This was three days after a woman made an allegation that Trevor Bauer had assaulted a Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher.

“While we are unable to make a decision in this case, we have decided to immediately place Mr. Bauer on seven day administrative leave. The commissioner’s office stated in a statement that MLB continues to gather information as part of our ongoing investigation, which is concurrently with the Pasadena Police Department’s active criminal investigation.

This leave was granted under the 2015 joint domestic violence, child abuse and sexual assault policy that MLB and the players’ union adopted. It can be used as a first step towards a longer suspension. In the past, the policy allowed players to take administrative leave during which they are paid but not able to play.

Bauer’s agents stated in a statement, that Bauer will not appeal MLB’s decision to place him on leave.

Marc Garelick, Marc Garelick’s lawyer, stated that Bauer obtained a protection order under the Domestic Violence Prevention Act. It was the result an attack by Bauer which left the woman who requested the order in “severe emotional and physical pain.”

Bauer was not present at the Dodgers’ meeting with President Joe Biden earlier Friday, to celebrate their World Series win last year. The reigning NL Cy Young Award winner was scheduled to start Sunday against Washington Nationals.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts stated that “I still” and the Dodgers also stand by the decision Major League Baseball makes.

According to The Athletic, the protection order contains multiple graphic images of the woman who submitted the request. According to The Athletic, the woman stated that Bauer had assaulted her twice on the 67-page ex parte document. According to the document, both the woman and Bauer punched her in the face, pushed her down the throat and strangled her until she was unconscious multiple times.

According to the woman, the alleged assaults occurred during consensual sexual encounters. According to The Athletic’s request, the woman claimed that she sustained injuries in the second encounter. These included two black eyes and bruising to her lips.

Pasadena police spokesperson Lt. Bill Grisafe confirmed that the department is investigating allegations of Bauer’s assault, but did not provide any further details. The hearing in Bauer’s case will take place on July 23.

Jon Fetterolf was one of Bauer’s agents. He has denied the claims. He claimed that Bauer had met the woman in April and that they had a brief, consensual sexual relationship.

Fetterolf stated that Fetterolf’s basis for filing a protection orders is fraudulent and nonexistent. She also deliberately leaves out key facts and information and her own pertinent communications.

Fetterolf stated that Bauer asked Bauer several times for “rough” sexual encounters and demanded to be “choked out” as well as slapped in her face.

Rachel Luba, Bauer’s agent, sent a tweet late Thursday stating that she has access to much more information than was publicly available and is confident that the truth will be revealed.

Bauer, a right-hander aged 30, joined the Dodgers with a $102million contract for three years. He is currently 8-5 with a 2.59 ERA.

Past domestic violence policy players include Julio Urias, Yankees closer Aroldischapman, pitcher Domingo German and Addison Russell, Chicago Cubs shortstop, Toronto pitcher Roberto Osuna and Jose Reyes, Colorado shortstop, and Hector Olivera, Atlanta outfielder.

Stan Kasten, President of the Dodgers, said that he doesn’t believe the process will take too long.

He said, “I trust that the process will get us to where we need to go.”

He said, “Until then, we’re just going to have no more to say about that.”