Google changes to the EU record fine business model when the dominant smartphone operating system Android and allows manufacturers for the first time for its Apps in Europe pay. Previously, you were able to pre-install applications such as Google maps or the Play Store for free on their devices – were bound but to conditions, the distorted according to the EU Commission for competition.

Google has made no information on the amount of the license fees. It is also difficult to assess whether the new payment model will the prices of Android Smartphones are on the rise. It is possible that the manufacturer field in the extremely competitive market, higher costs, instead of to consumers. The Android operating system itself to get the manufacturer to continue to offer free, informed Google. Android devices have a market share of more than 80 percent of the smartphone sales.

The Internet group also presented other measures to dispel the Brussels allegation of unfair competition. Among other things, device manufacturers in the future Google services, such as digital maps can install, without having to in addition, the Google Internet or the web browser Chrome mobile download search. This was a Central demand of the EU competition authorities. They saw the forced bundling of Google Apps in an attempt to transfer the dominance of the group at the Internet search on the PC, also on Smartphones.

The EU Commission had sanctioned Google with a fine of 4,34 billion Euro.

Google now is also the prerequisite for ensuring that the manufacturer can not only devices with Google services, and at the same time technology with a modified Android versions on the market. Previously, you had to agree not to sell any Android modifications, if you wanted to have Apps for the Internet group on the devices. Also, the Commission was unfair competition. So I offered a few years ago Amazon modified Android System Fire OS to other manufacturers. They were interested, they would not have but accessed, because you can offer then no devices with Google services and more.

EU competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager had occupied the group in July with a record penalty of 4.34 billion euros. Android chief Hiroshi lock Heimer said in a blog entry, that Google, was of a different opinion, and the punitive measures to the Commission therefore objected to. The past week, submitted in opposition of the group could years to go through the courts. Google, however, must already implement the requirements of the EU Commission, in accordance with a Change in the business model in Europe.

Google makes its money mainly with advertising revenues in the context of web search. Therefore, the group wanted to place its Apps like Maps or Gmail, so far only in an environment in which this advertising funding is secured. The Commission held that restrictions such as the forced bundling of the Google Apps have to be abolished within 90 days. As usual in such cases, the EU had surrendered to the Institution of the group, how it will be implemented.