“Moral monsters” called Russian President Vladimir Putin, those who are opposed to financial support for families with children. The announcement was made during a meeting with veterans in St.-Petersburg, where in these days we celebrate the anniversary of the siege of Leningrad.

In conversation with war veterans, among others, discussed the topic of presenting information to the media. The President, who paid a significant part of the Message to the Federal Assembly reinforced measures to support families with children, was outraged by the tone of some publications. The head of state noted that “couldn’t imagine” that after his speech appears the view that families with children in such support do not need. Putin on these publications responded simply: “Let them write” quoted Peter, who wrote in one of his edicts: “to the nonsense of everyone was visible”.

January 15, Vladimir Putin delivered a message to the Federal Assembly, voicing a number of important initiatives, including measures of social support. Among them is preservation and increase in the size of the parent capital, its payment at birth of firstborn, the introduction of new benefits and the extension of monthly benefits for children up to 7 years.

Earlier, the TV presenter and blogger Alain Vodonaeva spoke out against these payments. She believes that marginalized and low-duty parents will start having kids just for the sake of matkapital.