More than 21.9 thousand cubic meters of oil-water mixture collected near Norilsk

On the site of the oil spill rescuers have collected more than 21.9 thousand cubic meters of oil-water mixture. Such data media reported the representatives of the operational headquarters.

may 29, on the territory of CHP-3 “Norilsk-Taimyr power company” spread out over 21 thousand cubic meters of oil products to 180 million square meters of soil and waters, causing harm to the environment. The incident occurred as a result of subsidence of the concrete platform and the destruction of the tank.

As specified in the staff room, per day collected 4 119 cubic meters of fuel / water mixtures (21 919), including in the waters of the river Granary – 3 756 cubic meters (18 184). In the industrial dozer at CHPP-3 in recent days have taken about 9.5 tons of contaminated soil (a total of nearly 55.7 thousand tons). The area treated with the sorbent increased to 55.7 thousand square meters, reports TASS.

In the aftermath of the oil spill involved about 700 people and about 300 units of special equipment. In place of the oil spill working group of sea rescue service of Murmansk, with experience in the elimination of more than 50 oil spills in different parts of the globe. Experts were able to limit the spread of oil, putting a few lines of boom on the river Barn. To date, rescuers managed to localize the spill.

the incident is being investigated several criminal cases, including negligence, brought against the head of Norilsk Rinat Ahmetshin. Four employees of CHP-3, among which – its Director Pavlo Smirnov, in custody, reports TASS.