More than seven thousand inhabitants of the Lipetsk region took advantage of the

As you know, voting on amendments to the Constitution will begin on 25 June and end on the first of July. Each voter can vote on the site to which it is attached. Or — choose a convenient plot using the “Mobile voters”. This is similar to the STRC “Lipetsk”, the TV channel “Russia 1”.

to vote exactly where it is convenient, you should apply in any precinct or territorial Commission. Don’t forget to bring your passport. Also you can apply to the MFC and on the portal of public Services. For example, did Arina Gridina, artistic Director of the ensemble of folk song “Seni”. Not to go to the site, which is located far from home, she chose the nearest.

According to the June 19, about 7,5 thousand of Lipetsk residents have applied for voting on amendments to the Constitution through the system of “Mobile voters”. Everyone who also want to use this, you have time until 14:00 on 21 June. Otherwise, you have to vote where you are registered.

Text: GTRK “Lipetsk”