Moscow and Petersburg were in the tropics: a record-breaking heat wave caused heavy rainfall

In Saint-Petersburg on the eve of the recorded temperature record, and in a few hours the city was covered with a tropical downpour. Heavy rains were also held in other regions of Russia, including in the capital. What surprises atmosphere portrayed today?

When tropical heat and tropical downpours are not surprising. Petersburg became a vivid illustration of what could be the downside of the heat wave in the summer. On June 18 in the city began with the July heat, it was clear and Sunny. But in the second half of the day there was a hailstorm that lasted for several hours. Local utilities have calculated that the rainfall intensity exceeded the maximum allowable for urban stormwater drainage 3.5 times! The rain was accompanied by strong wind. Gusts in the heart of Saint-Petersburg and the Leningrad oblast have reached the 13-15 m/s Felled dozens of trees.

However, the bad weather affected not only the North-West of Russia. In exactly the same scenario — first the heat, then the torrents were developing weather situation in Moscow. Moreover, in the capital the figures were even more impressive: for those few hours turned 41 mm of rain — half the monthly norm. However, this amount only fixed base station VDNH. The rest of the amount was much less, and the scale of the flooding was more modest than in St. Petersburg.

heavy rains also noted on the Volga and in southern Russia. In the Caucasus the intensity in some places exceeded 50 mm in 24 hours. Filled and the Crimea. For example, here so the day looked Sevastopol: on some streets could move swimming. Private citizens did.

the Cause of the raging elements — this is unprecedented heat, which is now the Russian plain. For example, in St. Petersburg the day before she was a record: the thermometer showed plus 32.4 degrees In Moscow the record to be managed, not enough half a degree. But it happened in the Moscow suburb of Kolomna and Mozhaisk.

Generally, metastatistics eve wouldLa rewritten in dozens of stations of the Russian plain. In General, the temperature regime is consistent with the wet tropics. And for this type of climate is typical is the development of a small, but extremely powerful storm cells that are able to bring a huge amount of rain in a short period of time. Fortunately, in the coming days the weather on the Russian plain will become more normal.

Thank you for the heat is to say a huge anticyclone, which during all the week hanging over the region. It holds in the European territory clear weather, allowing the sun to freely heat the surface. And pulls on the air with North of the Caspian sea. However, its power soon falter. Because in the North the Arctic has already begun the invasion. New cyclone started to throw to the continent air masses from the Arctic ocean. Today, under his influence, heavy rain will cover the coast region, Karelia and Murmansk oblast. And thermometer readings in these regions are unlikely to overcome the mark of 20 degrees plus. The remaining part of the Russian plain still remain in the abnormal heat.

In St. Petersburg today to 29 degrees Celsius. In the second half of the day is still a short rain storm, although the precipitation they’ll bring a little — not more than 3 mm. But on 20 June gets here cold wave, and the thermometer readings will fall to 20 degrees. However, this is merely a return to normal. In the future will remain dry and Sunny weather, the air will be warmed, and by the middle of next week the heat will skyrocket to 26 degrees.

In Moscow today, too, the afternoon will not be without rain and it is still very hot — 29 degrees. And tomorrow, with the approach of a cold front, precipitation will increase. Again, possible showers and thunderstorms, sometimes hail and squally wind increase. According to the calculations, you can fall about 20 mm of rain. The heat will begin to subside, June 21 will not be above 22 degrees. But again, these figures are consistent with the moderate climate zone.

Text: Meteotest