Moscow broke a temperature record set during the reign of Alexander III

In Moscow, Wednesday, June 17, there is a strong heat. The temperature reached 31.4 degrees is 0.6 degrees above the record set more than a century ago, i.e. during the lifetime of Alexander III.

Only in 1892, the temperature was able to rise to 30.8 degrees. Now at the station of Roshydromet (ENEA) recorded a new record of 31.4 degrees. Scientific Director of the hydrometeorological Roman Vilfand said that even this is not the limit — the temperature can still rise.

the chief of the situation centre of Roshydromet Yuri Varakin drew attention to the fact that this record is not the biggest. For example, on 16 June (not this year) the temperature has reached 32 degrees, according to RIA Novosti.

Earlier it was reported that 17 June was the hottest day in 70 years of meteorological observations. For example, in 1956, the thermometer reached the level of 29.4 degrees, and in 2020, the temperature could be increased to 29.6 degrees.