Moscow broke the temperature record 1956

In Moscow on 17 June was the hottest day in 70 years of meteorological observations. For 13 hours the air in the city warmed up to 29.6 degrees. Thus, beaten the record of 1956, when the temperature rose to the level of 29.4 degrees, have informed “Interfax” in the Hydrometcentre of Russia.

it is possible that today will be broken and the absolute maximum for this date set in 1892 — then in Moscow, it was 30.8 degrees Celsius. Under forecasts of weather forecasters, the air in the capital today can warm up to 31-32 degrees.

However, the heat in the city will last only until the weekend. On 20 June the temperature begins to fall, the rains, and on June 21, the projected sharp cooling from 10 degrees.