Moscow Continues Improving Road Network! New Highways Still Planned For Next Year!

This year, Moscow built about 100km (62 miles) of new roads. An important project is being carried out in New Moscow. Maryino-Salaryevo Highway will parallel two roads: Highway Kievskoe and Kaluzhskoe Highway.

Marina Gromova will tell us what is done and what is to be done.

A line formed not long before the opening of the new road. They believe it’s better to wait ten minutes than to lose half an hour in jams on parallel highways.

“After this road was built I rarely get into jams. If they open a parallel to Kaluzhskoe I won’t get into jams there either. I will use it, sure”.

“Because I use or Kaluzhskoe Kievskoe. Both might have jams”.

Honoring the tradition, those who built the road were the first to ride on it. On the left hand, we have Kievskoe Highway and on the right we have Kaluzhskoe. In essence, this road parallels both of them being right between them. Its main task is to discharge them a bit. The road is expected to swallow a share of the traffic. For now, the modern four-lane road only has its first step ready: from Admiral Kornilov Street to Filatov Lug station. It will reach the village of Maryino in the future.

Sergey Sobyanin, Mayor of Moscow: “It’ll take traffic from the two highways and provide comfortable vehicle access to the Metro station Filatov Lug Metro, which is right behind me. It’ll attract a lot of people willing to use the Metro.”

In 2019, more than 100km of new roads appeared in Moscow. A girder bridge in Mnevniki, it made the North-West chord complete, and new parts of Yuzhnaya Rokada, which parallels Varshavskoe Highway, were among the most expected projects.

Sergey Sobyanin, Mayor of Moscow: “Many drivers think that we care more about developing the Metro and the railroads. While that’s true, we don’t forget about drivers. The next year, we’ll build a junction for Volokolamskoe Highway and a southern parallel for Kutuzovsky Prospekt”.

2019 will also be remembered for the start of two Central Diameters and the opening of eight new Metro stations.

Marina Gromova, Nikita Fomkin, Gennadiy Talochkin, Kirill Malykhin. Vesti.