Moscow drew the attention of the West to

the Russian foreign Ministry accused Western countries in the connivance of the authorities of Ukraine, which at the state level to support neo-Nazism.

the statement came after Kiev January 1, passed torchlight procession in honor of the 111 anniversary of Stepan Bandera.

After disturbance, Israel and Poland, condemned the glorification of the Ukrainian nationalists, the Ukrainian foreign Ministry has stated: honouring Bandera is “the revival of the national memory of the Ukrainian people “, that is “one of the priorities of the state policy of Ukraine”.

the message on the website of the Russian foreign Ministry in a social network “Vkontakte” it is noted that the support of neo-Nazism at the state level in Ukraine poses a serious threat to the entire world community.

“In this context is particularly worried that a creeping glorification of this hateful ideology in Ukraine is carried out in the last 20 years with the tacit connivance of the West,” — said the Russian foreign Ministry.

they also mentioned that Ukraine is “open all new monuments collaborators of Hitler’s executioners”, and “in their honor, renamed the street.”

“it seems that the West has written to the Ukrainian authorities a free hand and prefers not to notice, as Kiev rewrites history and ignores the decisions of the Nuremberg Tribunal, — is spoken in the message of the Russian foreign Ministry. — Only hope is the fact that representatives of some Western States finally began to open eyes to what is happening in Ukraine”.

the foreign Ministry once again called on the official Kiev “to abandon the evil practice of whitewashing Nazi henchmen and mockery of history.”