Moscow gardens of Babylon: in the capital accepted standards for green roofs.

Park at the height of bird flight: Rosstandart approved the uniform standards for greening of urban roofs. This means that the Muscovites are now able to think seriously about how to build on the roof of his apartment buildings the area. How hard can it be?

roll out the lawn, plant a garden or bring a farm — options for the installation of roofs is quite diverse. For example, in one of the apartment buildings on Kutuzovsky Avenue the roof of the underground Parking has turned into a promenade area with designer landscaping and a children’s Playground.

in addition to the extra square meters for walking it is also economically advantageous. In an office building on Sheremetievskaya street have forgotten about the problems with the roof. Heat is retained better, the water is not leaking — moisture absorbing multi-layered carpet of soil substrate and drainage.

“the roof actually protects from dust. And surprisingly, of these only 10 cm grow all these ground cover plants. Of course, if we plant trees, shrubs, then a layer of substrate should be more”, — says Ilya Mochalov, landscape architect.

the Fashion for green roofs come from abroad. In Singapore are obsessed with it — the whole town became an oasis. And what about the vertical forest in Milan. There is a tool in the fight against global warming. At first doubted whether the climate of Moscow, but the Russian winter for green roofs were not a hindrance.

“We planned to plant it all in such a mode that each season, our residents could see an interesting picture and to feel the smells of flowering plants. For example, in winter we can observe the fir-tree, in the spring for hazel”, — explains Oleg Stasenko, head of the architectural direction of the development company.

the Green roof on one of the buildings MSU is an experiment that began in 1997 and is still ongoing.

“the Range is constantly to be updated. We plan to continue, we have a couple of experimentpromotion of sites is created. We are planning to plant annuals assortment. Try plants from the extreme places, such as South Africa, which could over the summer to live on the roof”, — says Vladimir Chub, Director of the Botanical garden of the Biological faculty of MSU named after M. V. Lomonosov.

the Polluted air of the metropolis — is another issue, which can be plants on the roof. This greening should be ubiquitous. In Moscow while good examples, not so much. But, as the experts found out, roofs for the development of new urban light enough.

“If we are talking about the program, we figured about 500 hectares can be drawn from the 10 districts of the Central district. It’s almost four in Gorky Park can be done by planting”, — say the architect Daria Paramonova.

a Citywide program in this regard does not exist. But Russia has developed a unified standard for green roofs. There are parsed and types of landscaping, and necessary the requirements. In General, do it. Can handle not only private companies, but also the residents of apartment buildings. Only first have to obtain the consent of all the owners.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”