Moscow is a leader in quality digital services: diary - the most popular

Moscow took the first place among the Russian regions on quality of digital provision of public and municipal services, reported on the website of the mayor of the capital. The rating compiled by the Ministry of economic development of the country.

Moscow received 98,36 points out of a possible 120. On the second place — Moscow region (91,9 points), the third — Rostov oblast (of 87.87 points). Muscovites and company, organization capital can get more than 360 e-services on the municipal portal The number of portal users exceeds 10.7 million.

Moscow Residents most often use on the portal of “Electronic student’s diary” (more than for 193.9 million applications). On the second place on popularity — search and payment of traffic fines (in excess of 88.5 million people), the third readings of metering devices of water (more than 36.9 million cases).

the Company’s capital often use a taxi search in the registry of permits issued (more than 20.2 million trips), In second place — service verification of financial accounts of tenants (more 294,5 thousand calls), the third entry passes for trips of trucks in the city (more than 206 thousand references).

the Scores in the rankings by the end of 2019 have been awarded for the quality and convenience, availability of electronic services, completeness and timeliness of service, fast processing of the application on the portal for awareness of the status of the application and services for the opportunity to make an appointment to various organizations – clinics, kindergartens, clubs and other. On the website you can pay bills, record pet for a appointment with the vet. All services available through the mobile application “public Services of Moscow”.

the Capital has become the leader in this ranking after years of consistent, systematic work, said Natalia Sergunina, Deputy Mayor of Moscow. Gradually all services are transferred into electronic form, and is created SauveurMENA digital infrastructure. “For all time urban online services have already used 1.6 billion times,” — said Sergunina.