Moscow was surprised by the Declaration of London, involved in the murder of civilians

Moscow is surprised by the reaction of the British foreign Ministry, about the “unacceptability” of Russia’s withdrawal from the mechanism deconflicting UN in Syria, said in a statement the foreign Ministry. In the published document are reminded that participation in the mechanism was voluntary.

the UN deconflicting civilian targets in Syria, created in 2014. The guidance document is not a legally binding instrument, participation is voluntary. Based on the foregoing, some of the statements are surprising. In particular, the statement of the head of the British foreign office that “Russia’s withdrawal … is unjustifiable and unacceptable, violates international humanitarian law”. The statement belongs to the representative of a country’s armed forces which caused more than 4.5 thousand air strikes in Syria and Iraq.

This once again confirms the blatant politicization of the Syrian humanitarian dossier and a blatant desire to use it for purposes far removed from the real concerns of peaceful people, concluded the Russian foreign Ministry.

Moscow has repeatedly criticized the operation of the notification mechanism on humanitarian objects and movements in Syria and the UN announced that it would stop participating in it.